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ChironX 19-03-13 03:52 PM

Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
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Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
Computer peripherals have gained huge popularity with the growing advent of gaming. Companies who make and innovate new mice and keyboards have become quite common these days, and with time we are seeing newer entrants seek a piece of the cake. It shoud not surprise us, then, when AAA gaming titles come out with their own signature hardware. But there is a caveat to all things 'signature' - more often than not they are a casual slap-and-ready job rather than a sophisticated collector's item.

Today we look at one such peripheral - the SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse. Diablo III had been by far the most anticipated RPG game of all time, and while the game didn't get a overwhelmingly positive response ( I agree, some things in the game totally suck b*lls), there was one thing common with all of us gamers : we found it hard to ignore. Does the mouse live up to the hype, or does it join the already huge line of failed attempts? Let's find out.

If you are a fan of Diablo III, then the packaging would certainly appeal to you. If you're not, by some chance, then also the design won't go unnoticed. The branding goes beyond simple names and logos - open the flap, and on the left hand side you can see information about the game itself. Blizzard wants you to play the game for sure :D

On the back side, we see the specifications for the mouse listed neatly. I took a photograph to save me the hassle of typing everything here. One thing to note here that this mouse uses OMRON switches, rated for 10 million clicks. I remember Linus quipping about this in his video, "You will die before this mouse dies", he said. The pun is obvious - this mouse is made to last.

Opening the package itself, you are greeted with the mouse being neatly fitted behind a sturdy plastic cover. It also hides the rest of the items which come with it - an instruction manual, a SteelSeries sticker, and...that's about it. No CDs! Steelseries advises you to download their propietary software from their website. A good move, I say.

The mouse cable is niftily tucked around. It is a double braided nylon cable, black with red spirals, giving it a very subdued yet attractive look. The cable itself is 2.5 meters long, and at the end of it we find the gold plated USB connector. Gold ensures better connectivity and malleability.

I'll make no qualms about it - this mouse is bigger than your average mice. I have used various mice before - from el cheapo Intex ones which cost Rs.50/- to Razer and other Steelseries mice (which don't cost Rs.50/-) and I was pleasantly surprised to find the mouse fitting my gorilla paws. It is also a touch on the heavy side, but the added chunk ensures that the mouse feels sturdy. I am sure that it gets some time to get used to, but on the whole did not pose any problem whatsoever. For people who want to get a rough idea about the mouse's dimension, it is closest to SteelSeries Xai - another good mouse from the same house.

The Diablo III etching on the mouse glows demon red when active, and pulsates while you keep it idle. The effect is a thing to behold and I personally loved it. The scroll wheel is rubberized and also glows in the same color.

The artwork on the mouse is beautiful, and on both sides. This mouse is ambidextrous, so whether you're a lefty or a right hander, it will please both. Buttons on both sides of the mouse are set in identical places to ensure proper fit for both hands. It has a total of 7 buttons.

Behind the scroll wheel is the button which helps you to increase or decrease CPI. This is the only non-customizable button in the mouse.

The Diablo III mouse features an Avago laser sensor with up to 5700 CPI or Counts per Inch. By default, it is set to work at 3200 CPI which makes it a very sensitive mouse already.

The SteelSeries Engine is their propietary customization and control software. This can be downloaded from their website and for this mouse, SteelSeries gives this software a Diablo III skin. This is pure novelty and does not add anything special, but a nice touch nevertheless.

The software has a plethora of options from controlling the light pulsation to customizing buttons to setting up and saving custom game-specific profiles. A general user might find the amount of options available to be overwhelming, but to a gamer different settings ensure he/she is always on top of the game. Not all games require faster responses and you can easily set different profiles for different genre of games you enjoy.

Some people have experienced bugginess of this software but I am yet to experience any. The mouse works flawlessly with Diablo III (D'uh!) but works very well with other games as well. There is an option of searching and downloading latest firmware for your SteelSeries products which makes it pretty easy for an otherwise tedious chore.

After a couple of days of gaming with Diablo III, League of Legends, Far Cry 3 and Unreal Tournament 3, I say I've fallen in love with this mouse. This mouse offers a very resposive performance, they keys are great and durable, the styling is not over the top yet engrossing, and the software provided gives plenty of options. On the down side, it is a touch on the heavier side, ones with small hands might have a problem holding the mouse properly, and it might not be suitable for those with clutch/claw grips.

Is it worth the price? Let’s assume you’re reading this review because you’re an authentic Diablo III fan and won’t be eyeballing the admittedly low-key artwork like that tattoo you wish you’d been sober enough not to get — then yes, absolutely, and without further qualification. You’re basically getting a Xai/Sensei-caliber mouse with ridiculously durable switches for around Rs.1000-1100/- less than the going price of the Sensei (comparable to the Xai), and with genre headroom to spare, especially if you’re a shooter fan.

This mouse currently retails for around 5000/-. If you want a good, responsive, yet durable mouse to aid you on your click-fest on Nightmare mode in Sanctuary, this might be the one you were waiting for.

- Great design
- Sturdy OMRON switches
- Responsive (5700 CPI Max, 3200 CPI default)
- Ambidextrous design
- Very good clicking experience

- Might not be for smaller hands
- On the heavier side
- Not for Claw grippers
- Control Software a little buggy (For some)

Rating - 4.5/5

vijayninel 20-03-13 11:54 AM

Re: Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
The size and weight of this mouse would be perfect for my hand size but the price is not light on the pocket. :P Thanks for the great review. :D

Marun 20-03-13 02:36 PM

Re: Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
5000 bucks a matter for you agent?

ManISinJpr 21-03-13 06:50 AM

Re: Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
I second Vijay on this.. I can only find myself being comfortable with large mouoses and heavy ones. so I think I would love this
also as I have tried a normal (not el cheapo) but around 700 odd lasts me some months only and looses itself.. ;)

This is a nice mouse.. and the buttons and switches will last me a long time.
super sensitivity also I would love..

But what I wanted to ask was how many types of customizations are allowed for the various buttons..
coz I like to use macro stuff..

Nice stuff @ChironX

ChironX 21-03-13 09:30 AM

Re: Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
^ thanks Manish da and Vijay :D

mchang 27-05-13 08:19 AM

Re: Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
Great review
But doesn't the mouse look a little cheap with those prints? Though glowing diablo is a very nice touch...Must look better in person!

ChironX 27-05-13 09:42 AM

Re: Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Review
Nope, it doesn't look cheap, and the glowing diablo, well you need to see it in person - it looks amazing!

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