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Conversation Between nathan and amitsaluja
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  1. amitsaluja
    yup 1060 if a full hd card enough for 1080p. check pm
  2. nathan
    it cool. How much cost. If to my budget i will consider.

    I dont want ot spend more as i am leaning towards 8th gen setup. Saving money for that.

    I heard 1060 is more than enough for 1080p gaming for now. say atleast 2 years down the line. People will shift towards 2k or 4k.
  3. amitsaluja
    its 6gb bro oc n rgb with triple fan. here u can check link. this is the most powerful n highest priced 1060 available till now.
  4. nathan
    ok 2 years warranty. is this 3gb or 6gb

    As games min or average expect 3gb now. So better go for 4gb at low cost or 6gb at decent cost
  5. amitsaluja
    have 1060 strix oc triple fan rgb. 11months used
  6. nathan
    Do you have 970 with warranty ? or 1060 6gb version used with warranty.

    Not much budget. As saving for 8th gen build from 2nd gen
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