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Re: Wimax woes

Thus I have a second connection for Gaming.

WiMax is very picky when it comes to pings. Usually even I have 40 ping to the gateway, but sometimes randomly, it jumps between 40-100 leaving my pings between 60-120.

You cant really game on WiMax, I suggest you find out if your local cable walla provides Exatt/Tata.
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En Taro Adun
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Re: Wimax woes

TATA/Exxatt or IOL(same company,different name).
You can try out Airtel if you want, ur ping should be less than 30.
TATA or Exxatt by cable walla will get u single digit pings, and TATA ADSL will get you pings aound 40.
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Wimax woes

By now I've realized how bad wimax can be for gaming. I have the Rel Wimax 400kbps UL plan and I get godforsaken pings while gaming, which just turned worse. I do get 80-100% of the download speeds though so I'm happy that I download enough to make the connection worth it.

When I first got the connection I used to get around 60-65ms on most vstreet servers ( around 40 to the 1.6 servers ) and over the past month or so, my ping just increased to 80-100ms to the servers which are in the SAME city! In accordance with this, my usual 100-115ms pings to sg servers increased to 150ms.

A few days back the rel guy who came home to fix my connection told me I was picking up a fractured signal from another tower in my area so he fixed it, I got decent pings for around half a day and the same problems started again. Then I just randomly restarted the POE box and I got my original pings back.

While this was good for me yesterday ( and yesterday only ) I left watchmen to download overnight and I wake up in the morning to play css and voila! I got a terrible route to all vstreet servers which has taken my ping to 200+ everywhere. All magically without the POE box even restarting or anything. And manually rebooting it doesnt help either. Heres my tracert to a vstreet server

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 39 ms 279 ms 39 ms
3 91 ms 77 ms 39 ms
4 48 ms 39 ms 50 ms
5 330 ms 259 ms 202 ms
6 221 ms 189 ms 199 ms
7 218 ms 219 ms 252 ms
8 213 ms 218 ms 220 ms
9 249 ms 210 ms 249 ms
10 218 ms 219 ms 220 ms []
11 208 ms 228 ms 210 ms []
12 229 ms 220 ms 269 ms []

Trace complete.

While I still get decent download speeds, reliance screwed with my route and now Im just praying my building gets a wireline connection before may7th ( when our prepaid 3 month connection to this shitty wimax gets over )

I live in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, don't want Sify and I need to find out what cable guy provides cable here. Any suggestions?
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