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Thermolab Baram Review
Thermolab Baram Review
Date: 18-10-09
Topic: Reviews & Previews
Author: mav2000

Unboxing and Closer Look 

Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler Review

Introduction and Specifications

Hello and welcome to the review of the Thermolab Baram.

Thermolab is a relatively little-known Korean company, that dabbles in all kinds of cooling products. The Baram and the Bada are their latest in their line of CPU coolers and today we are going to take a closer look at their 120mm tower cooler, the Baram.

"Baram" in Korean means the flow of air. Lets see if this cooler can live up to its name.

First, lets take a look at the specifications to start with:


  • Socket Standards: Intel Socket 775, 1366 CPUs, AMD Socket AM3/AM2+/AM2 CPUs
  • Thermal Design Power of CPU: Max 250 Watt
  • Dimensions: 67 X 132 X 160 (LxWxH) mm
  • Weight: 625g (without fans)
  • Materials: Pure Copper and Aluminum
  • Included Fans: No
  • Dissipation Area: 7,580 cm²

What is most important to note here is the 250 Watt CPU cooling capability. The Baram also includes a number of differences from some of the other more popular heatsinks, like staggered heatpipes, staggered fin structure and optimization of the fin pitch. Now is this just a lot of jargon, or do they really work?

We will take a close look at all these points in our next section.

Unboxing and Closer Look 

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By vijayninel 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

Great review Ashish. I hope this comes to India sometime soon.
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By mav2000 20-10-09
Well I hope some of our friends in the dealers section are reading this.

EDIT: Guys this costs 55USD in SE Asia...its a steal for this price.
Last edited by stonedsurd; 20-10-09 at 04:45 PM..
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By stonedsurd 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

Awesome review bro

One thing I noticed from your picture of the manual is that they have a weird (and possibly inefficient) way of applying TIM to the IHS!

One thing I cannot understand is why the HDT coolers still cannot beat well-executed non-HDT heatsinks. Speaking theoretically (and logically) the HDT tech should be far more efficient, right?
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By mav2000 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

This TIM thing is a bit of an issue with almost everyone. I think the guide there should be followed for actual setup and not for that part atleast.

Well stoney as to your other question, the main issue lies with the lining up of the copper and the aluminum on a heatsink. Its just not possible to get a perfectly flat base on a direct heatpipe, so you have a lot of ridges and troughs, which add to the cooler not making the absolute best contact that it can. Now if you look closly at the base of the Vendetta 2 or any other HDT, what you will see are grooves between the heat pipes and the frame. Most of your gook gets stucks in this and that is a no cooling zone as far as I am concerned.

In a TRUE or the Baram, the heatsink has a far greater contact area, and with the Baram a smoother and more level one too.

Do the math.
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By stonedsurd 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

A compelling explanation - but it doesn't account for the inconsistency of the results, with some HDT coolers performing like blocks of ice and others like the poop of Satan himself. That's what has me confused.
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By mav2000 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

Well those which perform better have a better base. If you actually look at most HDT coolers you see a vast difference in performance taking into account that most of them have the basic same design and tech going for it.The only difference would be in number of heatpipes and base finish. The CM hyper 212+ has a better base finish compared to the OCZ V2, but the OCZ has propabl;y more fin area and 8mm heatpipes, offsetting that advantage.

The TRUE works well only if modded on the base and a pressure mod is used. Otherwise its as good or bad as a thousand other coolers out there. Thers actually nothing special about that design. The megahalems actually have a far different design and have a better base overall/.

The one thing that i would like to see on coolers now is a closed side as that would direct the air better. A few companies have incorporated this, but I would have loved to see it on a Baram or the Megahalems.
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By ManISinJpr 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

A very nice and easy to understand review Ashish. 2 thumbs up.
So this was what you were getting ? got it from direct shipping or KMD?
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By ViKiD 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

Very nice cooler..and same for the review....
btw. was the AC on??
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By mav2000 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

Nope no AC in my house at all. Those are normal ambient temp results.

I got this one direct. performance-pcs is a great site and have ordered a lot of things from there.
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By JD666 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

Great review there mate!!! this is a good air cooled setup?
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By mav2000 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

Where r the reps.......

Thanks guys.
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By Free Radical 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

I have never liked the Vendetta 2.
The heat pipes, the fin design and contact area state the obvious already, so this comes as no surprise.

I am of the opinion that high cfm fans are better on a heatsink with restrictive fins like the TRUE, where low cfm fans are waste.
But low cfm fans work great on wide fins like those on the SCCF and the Baram.
Hence previous comparisons between the SCCF and the Vendetta done with different fans are conflicting.
The Baram clearly betters the two with its design.

However, I am not so sure comparing it with the likes of the TRUE and Megahalem. I am certain that given adequate high cfm fans, the Megahalems would come out at the very top.

However, if noise : performance is of concern, the Baram should win.

There have been reports of people having trouble with the mounting mechanism on the Baram and people have recommended lapping it too.
Would like to know your comments on the same.
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By BLuEBLOODED 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review


Review too...
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By ShaTTeR 20-10-09
Re: Thermolab Baram Review

fair review.
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