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SteelSeries Kinzu Review
SteelSeries Kinzu Review
Date: 18-12-09
Topic: Reviews & Previews
Author: Sashank B

SteelSeries Kinzu Review

SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Mouse Review

The SteelSeries Kinzu was developed in close cooperation with professional gamers to set new standards for performance in optical mice. Times change, people change, mice change. So without wasting more times let me tell you the technical, and the features the mouse offers to the person.

The technical specifications for the Kinzu Optical Mouse are as follows :

  • - Frames per second: 9.375
  • - Inches per second: 50
  • - Megapixels per second: 3.75
  • - Counts Per Inch (CPI): 400 - 3200
  • - Acceleration: 20 G
  • - Buttons: 3
  • - Cord: 2 m / 7,9 ft (braided to improve durability)
  • - Polling: up to 1000 Hz
  • - Lift distance: ~2.0mm
  • - CPI high/low indicator
  • - Gold-plated USB connector
  • - Large pressure points that reduce friction for optimized glide
  • - Driverless, plug-and-play feature for LAN gamers
  • - Built-in memory for 3 profiles
  • - Measurements: 117 x 64 x 36 mm / 4,6 x 2,5 x 1,43 in
  • - Operating systems: Win XP / Vista / Win 2000 / Mac OS


SteelSeries Kinzu Optical highlights:

  • - Ambidextrous lightweight ergonomic finger-tip / palm design
  • - Slip-resistant coating for superior mouse grip and control
  • - Gaming Grade optimizations for pro gaming CPI values
  • - CPI toggle for on-the-fly high & low sensitivity adjustments
  • - Acceleration on/off toggle via software
  • - Low-friction high-performance polyethylene feet

* A little more note given to the casual gamer, mice fanatic who doesn't understand the technical side, I will just rant about this mouse with my own input- usage, etc whatever you want to call it. Also my writings are hugely based around some of the most popular FPS and strategy games in the market.

DPI/CPI - Dot's per Inch/ Characters per Inch:
New gaming mice these days are released with high DPI, but exactly how much DPI do u need to play games? A higher DPI mouse would obviously seem better, you'd think. A game is made up of pixels, so at some point more DPI becomes baseless because the actualy bottleneck is the screen.

DPI, everyone is interested in this one thing, thinking that the more there is to it- the better the mouse. Let me wrong you, that is absoultely false. Most of the mouse which professional gamers use vary a lot. Some have 400 DPI, others over 3000. Why you ask? Well making it more short - all it means is that the mouse's default sensitivity is higher, but doesn't mean more accuary as most of you would expect.
Also, as an optical mouse, I would say this targets the low sensitivities gamers, whilst the lazer is more for the high sensitivities folks. But then again, this mouse does come with a max of 3200 DPI if I would want to use. So it's good to have many options

The difference between HIGH & LOW DPI:
Low DPI means less dots/pixels for your mouse. If u move your mouse almost nothing, your cursor will not move at all, even at HIGH sensitivites. High DPI means more dots/pixels for your mouse. If you move your mouse almost nothing, your cursor will move those "small" millimeters.(whitch LOW DPI will not scan - because of "bigger pixels") I hope you all understood that part, moving on we come to two other main parts according to me that really do matter while choosing a mouse.

Lift off distance and Shape:
Ok, the good thing here is that being and optical mouse, the Kinzu has a good enough lift distance like the other mice in the market, It doesn't tend to stop, skip like a lazer mouse would. So too all the people - mostly FPS gamers, try this mouse. It definitely will be a different feel.The Shape, ambidextrous give the mouse a nice feeling, using the rifle in CS was much easier, as it was to owning with the awp. lol

I must also add, that being light weight, there is absolutely no gliding feeling whatsoever and for people like me with small hands, its just more bindaas. For the other gamers using larger mice, ofcourse it will take time to adapt so dont fret straight away, once you get used to it, you will see and make out the difference for yourself.

Enough of that, let me give you my personal opinions.

First off, accuracy - hmm, it did improve a bit just because the time taken to react is reduced therefore more headshots, Main reason would be the DPI, which I have set to 800. Let's just say it takes less complications to aim at three different targets with shooting a single bullet each way, or to do a single 360 turn with the flick of a mouse. Both the left and right click were pretty sensitive, the scroll is as good, no more flashbang's when what u need is a smoke..

To this I can say is , all you low sensitivity gamers, do try this mouse, should make a whole lot of difference.
The shape and design, they did a pretty fine job with the design, but the mouse size should have been increased. This is a pretty small mouse, so all people keen on using or already playing with a palm grip, you will be in dismay, but then again It's upto you to adapt if you want.

One of the major plus side would be found just looking at the mouse in general, It's ambidextrous, basic, hassle free without and required cd software and has great stability, also did I mention using the Kinzu in size feels like an egg.

Did I mention this mouse only has 3 buttons including a 4th which changes the DPI/profiles?
Upon using on other mouse pads commonly available in the market, the Kinzu did pretty good, so no more tention looking for that perfect mouse-pad now.

The negative thing about the whole mouse in particular is not having side-buttons. It's never meant to have them by design, but I just oh-so-need them ! It changes my whole games as I have my binds on them. So anyways- let me sum up the plus and minus points of this mouse.


  • - Ambidextrous design
  • - No gliding
  • - High Dpi-
  • - The sides dont have the glossy feel you find on other mice, so no more thumb slipping off
  • - On the go DPI changer.


  • - The mouse grip should be improved
  • - Small mouse
  • - No side buttons.

Well that's about it. Thanks for reading.

Gamer (Strategist / Captain)
CS 1.6 - 9 times Winner North Zone


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By Cyn1c 18-12-09
Re: SteelSeries Kinzu Review

Here's a more detailed Kinzu review:
SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Mouse Review

Glad to see though that you contacted Jean Charles Colognese He's a regular at BYOCs...good FPS player from Delhi.

Most of his pros & cons match the ones listed by me in the aforementioned review.
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By ViKiD 07-01-10
Re: SteelSeries Kinzu Review

He is the Indian GOD for CS1.6!

Nice review there...
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By dexbg 21-02-10
Re: SteelSeries Kinzu Review

given the current price of 1500/- for the kinzu . would this be recommended over the MX-518 n IE 3.0 ??

im mostly looking for a budget gaming mouse .. so have mostly stuck with the MX-518,, I am willing to compromise with the lack-of-sidebuttons .. if its performance/grip is deemed better than the MX-518 ..
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By Cyn1c 22-02-10
Re: SteelSeries Kinzu Review

^Unless you happen to have very small hands, you'll have to use the Kinzu with a claw grip i.e. your palm won't be resting on top of the mouse but would be rather in the air. MX518 is a pretty good mouse. You can watch some youtube videos to see how the size can affect your grip.
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By dexbg 22-02-10
Re: SteelSeries Kinzu Review

thanks.. I wish I could get my hands on one for a try-out..

MX-518 feels oversized to me.. click is placed to high up.. but people have kickd my arse too many times with this..
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By Kundya 22-02-10
Re: SteelSeries Kinzu Review

3.0 > all
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By kauffmann 22-02-10
Re: SteelSeries Kinzu Review

only if the kinzu had side buttons, it'd be one damned good buy
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