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Dragoon v1.1

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Dragoon v1.1
R.I.P v1.0

PROCESSOR : Core i7 920
MONITOR : Samsung SyncMaster 18.5in :nicemonitor:

PSU : Tagan 800BZ

GPU : Ati Msi 4850 512GDDR3

CABINET : Cooler Master 590

R.I.P v1.1

Added 4 x Delta 120x120x38 case fans
Added Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Controller
thanks KMD & Mediahome

R.I.P v1.2

Added a MX 5021
Added 4 Blue CCFL's - 2 inside cabby & 2 underneath the keyboard tray

(Forgot to mention) Added a wireless Labtec keyboard & mouse combo

My Tagan BZ800 died. Have sent it to the service center a few days back. Got a call from them saying that the BZ is not available currently and was trying to give me the non-modular tagan 800. Declined and said that I'll wait.

R.I.P v1.5

V 1.5 will be underrated....Hence...

Dragoon v1.1

Got the Gigabyte UD9 as a replacement. A HX 850 Corsair, again as a replacement. Cogage Arrow air cooler and last but definitely not the least, the Cooler Master HAF X.

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
All the boxes Mobo & GPU box Processor and PSU box Monitor Box Cabinet Box The Setup...dont pay attention 2 the Keyboard & Mouse!! Slick!! Side View Side View 2 The Insides 3 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 699 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 701 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 933 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 934 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 935 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 936 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 937 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 938 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 939 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 940 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 941 Dragoon v1.1 - Photo 944
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Member: B L ! T Z
Created: 03-05-09 07:13 PM
Last Modified: 10-04-11 10:03 PM
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Comments: 12

Author Comment Date
B L ! T Z Nope... Didn't pay anything extra... Had an ex58 extreme... They had told me that I'll get a ud7 but told me later on that it'll take more time and gave me an option to wait or take a ud9.... U know what I choose.... Lol 29-12-11
vassili did u payed any thing extra to get UD9 from ud 5 28-12-11
thunder.02dragon Hey! Congrats for those free upgrades!! Hehe 08-06-11 no prob 2 make the comments page bigger and 31-05-09
stonedsurd Thanks 29-05-09 got the controller from kmd at *********** for abt 1200...or was it 1100....sumthin lyk the fans 4 500 each frm mediahome.... 29-05-09
stonedsurd Nice. Controller available locally? 22-05-09 2 at the side and 2 at the top....
its the sunbeamtech rheobus....the 4 channel one....didnt have enough 4 the 6channel 1....will upgrade l8r....
stonedsurd Where are you using the Delta fans?
And which fan controller is that?
20-05-09 @ vijay
not that....its the axe calendr....

thanks man....
stonedsurd WICKED rig man! 04-05-09
vijayninel Ahahaha !! I could see a naughty DVD behind the monitor. Awesome RIG. 04-05-09
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