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Vaio Z!

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Vaio Z!
My baby preciosa

A true style icon.

If the raw power of this tiny machine doesn't impress you, its weight (or should I say, light?) will impress you.

Clocking in at 1.48KGs (well under the 4 pound magic mark) its a delight to work on

Details specs:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P9600 (2.66 Ghz, 1066 Mhz Bus, 6 MB L2 Cache)
Memory: 4GB DDR3 PC3-8500 Elpida 7-7-7-20
Hard drive: Hitachi 7K320 (320GB 7200 RPM SATA150)
Graphics: Hybrid between 9300M GS 256MB GDDR3 and Intel X4500HD
Display: 13.1" 1600x900 Claimed as one of the best laptop displays in the industry, only comparable to that of a MacBook Pro.
Chassis: Premium Carbon fiber
Weight: 1.48 KG

Other: 6 cell battery with 5 hr backup, Draft N Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet, Chicklet Keyboard, Gesture capable Alps Touchpad, 8xDVD Dual layer writer, etc.

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
The box :) Box from a different angle :P :) The contents :) They give 3 different types of wire connectors. Ah Vista Business License   Windows XP SP3 Downgrade CD The baby! Khul ja sim sim! Vaio Z! - Photo 303 Vaio Z! - Photo 304 Vaio Z! - Photo 305 Vaio Z! - Photo 306 Vaio Z! - Photo 307 Vaio Z! - Photo 308 Vaio Z! - Photo 309 Vaio Z! - Photo 310 Vaio Z! - Photo 311 Vaio Z! - Photo 312 Vaio Z! - Photo 313 Vaio Z! - Photo 314 Vaio Z! - Photo 315 Vaio Z! - Photo 316 Vaio Z! - Photo 317 Vaio Z! - Photo 318 Vaio Z! - Photo 319 Vaio Z! - Photo 320 Vaio Z! - Photo 321 Vaio Z! - Photo 322 Vaio Z! - Photo 323 Vaio Z! - Photo 324 Vaio Z! - Photo 325 Vaio Z! - Photo 326 Vaio Z! - Photo 327 Vaio Z! - Photo 328
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Member: KiD0M4N
Created: 02-05-09 08:19 PM
Last Modified: 02-05-09 08:34 PM
Views: 6064
Images: 33
Comments: 18

Author Comment Date
KiD0M4N Thank you. 06-05-09
wingzero Congoz... 04-05-09
KiD0M4N Thanks a lot everyone. I love the overall build of this thing. Yesterday I took out the laptop at my cousin's place to check my email (I could have done it directly on my iPhone ) and this became the center of conversation immediately. It has a very catch build and when people learn of all the tech packed into this little body, they are left gasping. The fact that this laptop is more powerful than 90% of the desktops sold in India says a lot; and it weighs 1.48 KGs ONLY!

@sierrafox: I am thinking not too great (definitely ok for light gaming though) as it has a 9300M GS with 256 MB GDDR3 VRAM! Look into my thread, I will post some quick screensshots.
sierrafox hows its gaming prowess? 03-05-09
Aragorn nice nice ... looking cute ... now better post a comment on my rig ... 03-05-09
ManISinJpr Excellent choice Kid0, we expected such quality buying decision from you. Love it and sort of feeling jealous... 02-05-09
prajith congrats buddy 02-05-09
BLuEBLOODED Complete OMGs!!! 02-05-09
KiD0M4N Exact model number = VGN-Z36GD/B

Touch pad equals the MacBook (and Pro) smoothness!

I was actually surprised that they threw in 2 year extra warranty (above and beyond the standard 1 yr) free of charge!

Total damages = Rs 98500/- (I got 50k for my Dell XPS M1330!, so paid 48500!)
rpm19050 arrey, I need to see if i can bloat my budget! so please.... 02-05-09
stonedsurd Oh, and isn't that touchpad a DREAM!? 02-05-09
stonedsurd thoughtful bundle!
Exact model number?
KiD0M4N Ah, I wish not to think about the damages 02-05-09
KiD0M4N Yes its coming 02-05-09
rpm19050 woot! damages? 02-05-09
ɱɑɖɖʏ Kool man...I wanna detailed review 02-05-09
KiD0M4N Thanks Vijay This is my baby and my work horse No more hot plateness! 02-05-09
vijayninel Ahahahaha! Nicey nice Wheres the party 02-05-09
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