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JD666's Rig!

JD666’s Forums | India's Top Technology forum. Rig Gallery
JD666's Rig!
Processor and cooler - E8400 @ 4ghz under Hyper 212 fitted with Scythe 110cfm fan ( 1.3vcore).

Bench - Can run at 3.6 Ghz at stock volts ( 24/7) Max bench 4281 ghz. ( 1.4vcore).

Ram - G.skill 1066mhz 2GBHK Ram, cooled by OCZ XTC cooler. Can do 3-3-3-9 at 800 Mhz, but also does 4-4-4-12 at 1000 Mhz . Max overclock 1200 mhz -5-5-5-18

Motherboard - Abit iX38 quadGT mobo- Bios 14, 40mm cooler on NB

Storage - Seagate 500gbx2 ( 7200.12) and 1 80 Gb IDE.

Graphics - Palit Sonic 4850 DDR3 running stock 685 Core / 1000 Ram. Can do 750/1100

Power Supply - Corsair VX450 to power it all.

Display - Viewsonic VX2235wm, 2ms response time Gaming LCD.

Speakers - Creative SBS A300 and Plantronics Headphones.

Input - Labtech wireless keyboard/mouse, connected occasionally, otherwise Logitech Keyboard with MX-518 running on QcK Mini.

Cabinet - CM Elite 333

Misc add ons -

- USB PCi Card
- Pinnacle Studio PCTV TV Tuner Card
- Logitech Quick Cam Express

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
During the install of the Palit 4850 A close up of the system Maximum benchmark achieved without trying to fry the chip. A hastily cleaned table for the photo the "input" devices The motherboard. ABit has really impressed with their quality! RIP The bling bling RAM Coolers! Thanks to SierraFox Rockfella showing off his photography skills, my fav snap The Ram cooler After some better cable management! new routing and placement for the drives
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Member: JD666
Created: 01-04-09 07:31 AM
Last Modified: 09-04-09 06:25 PM
Views: 7987
Images: 11
Comments: 34

Author Comment Date
ɱɑɖɖʏ Nice Rig JD.
I liked the RAM Cooler....Its kool
JD666 thanks vj9el 22-04-09
vijayninel Awesome ..esp the ram cooler 21-04-09
JD666 thanks dude, i just dint wanna overdo it, and moreover the mobo is more of a restriction. Thats why i always keep pestering other iX38 owners if they have gotten any better benches, and how 17-04-09
ShaTTeR Mai mai Look at teh Bling Bling. 17-04-09
wingzero Yaar thats pretty good oc on a C0....i guess u can do much better an oc..4.5 wud be pretty easy. 16-04-09
JD666 vv TY, yeah i know... but i keep removing the modem to connect my laptop, so it stays in a suspended state. 09-04-09 Awesome overclocks....and great rig overalll...would love to help with some cable management though... 09-04-09
JD666 thanks free radical!!

@commie, they would look awesome powdercoated black also, but chrome also offsets everything in the cabinet, since nothing or very little is chromed there.
JD666 @boogieman - no dude, that is not the correct vcore, its more like 1.29 , that uguru shows correctly. I had these issues, and i think even the new version dint solve it. So i go with what uguru shows. moreover its with eist enabled, so the voltage does spike a lil bit.

Regarding the ram coolers, the brackets that you see in the pics with the fans, they latch onto the ram latches that you have on the board. ( the white ones on the board). So you simply gotta hold it in place, and tighten the screws on the top and bottom. They are adjustable laterally, so that if a cpu cooler gets in the way ( in my case they are at the extreme right).

Its a loose fit, but nonetheless it stays in place.

I was able to run my ram at CL4 at 1000 mhz, prev it would do cl4 only till about 960-980 mhz for the same voltage. IMO, it looks good, and do give you that extra 10-20 mhz from your ram.
b00gieMan btw, i've never tried RAM coolers.. i dont really think we need em.. but still am planning to get one of those OCZ Blingy ram coolers.. (just for bling bling lol)... kidding..

How do u exactly install those RAM Coolers ? do i need to remove the whole mobo and work my ass out with the screw work?? can u put some lights on that ? If that is the scenario then i dont think i'll be interested in removing the mobo and doing all that :s
b00gieMan uh.. that pic of urs where its showing 4Ghz @ V1.20v :S dude are u sure about that.. coz the CPU Z version 1.46 which u have used in that screenshot wasnt accurate.. the acurate one is 1.5.. 1.46 used to show me all absurd **** of V Core but now the 1.5 shows the accurate one (whatever i set in the bios it shows the exact here ... previous it was like if i had set it @ default still it'd show me 1.39 or 1.32 and all **** on the cpu - z 1.46).. that problem is solved in the 1.5 version of CPUz. 06-04-09
commieguerra Thinking of getting those RAM coolers , need to get them powdercoated BLACK! 06-04-09
stonedsurd tyvm for the descriptions
Rocky's photography does him credit!
Free Radical awesome rig!
but the table looks like a dwarf. Very clean and organized
JD666 Whew! Done! 05-04-09
stonedsurd Looking good! Now add pic descriptions 05-04-09
JD666 updated the description and improved the layout. 05-04-09
JD666 thanks y'all for making this the most viewed.. though aint anything great in it... lol.. 05-04-09
JD666 Obviously cleaned up for the pic... all the garbage was shifted to the bed for this purpose... couldnt have kept it on the floor na!! lol 03-04-09
stonedsurd Table looks very neat
Is that how it always looks or did you clean up for the pics?
wingzero Nice rig JD... 03-04-09
JD666 updated! 03-04-09
Arun.P can u please upload the righ with lcd keyboard mouse and cabient please

nice rig and look good
JD666 Thanks vashishta, aragorn, hgpras, stoney, blueblooded, kid0!

@mods, is there a way to rep these guys back?
vasishta.sushant ^^
And the most viewed rig, till now
Aragorn amazing RIG there ... awesome ... can i vote for it ... 01-04-09
hgpras Beautiful Rig JD...... 01-04-09
stonedsurd Ah, that RAM looks good!
Why am I not at home!
BLuEBLOODED Hey, loved the 2 BHK RAM... 01-04-09
KiD0M4N Nice rig bro 01-04-09
JD666 have tried a lil, thanks, rest when i am fully awake in the evening! 01-04-09
Ad1tya Nize rig! Why dont you add the spec's in a comment for a while until the field options of the rig gallery are updated! 01-04-09
JD666 the first rig in the rig gallery!! 01-04-09
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