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The Black Mamba

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The Black Mamba
The Black Mamba

Core Components -

Cpu - AMD A8 3850 @ 2.9ghz
Motherboard - ASRock Extreme 6 A75
Ram - Corsari XMS3 DDR3 1600 Mhz Cl9 (9-9-9) | Kingston Hyper X 1866 C9
Graphics Card - Asus Radeon 6670 (Dual Graphics Mode) - 6690D2
Storage - Segate 1Tb 7200.11 + Western Digital 640AAKS Blue (1.6TB)
SMPS - Corsair VX 450
Cabinet - Lian Li Dragonlord K62 | Antec Dark Fleet 85
CPU Cooler - Prolimatech Megahalems + Xigmatek 120mm fan
DVD RW - Samsung 22x DVD-Rw

PC Peripherals -

Speakers - Swans M10
Monitor - Samsung S2233SW 1080p 22" Monitor
Mouse - Logitech MX 518
Keyboard - Razer Arctosa

Software Selection -

OS - Arch Linux (custom kernel 3.0.1) + Ubuntu 11.10 + M$ Windows

Future Upgrade -

1. Sound Card
2. Corsair H100 closed loop WC kit
3. Cowon iAudio E2 Mp3 player
4. Hp Pavilion Dm1

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
Western Digital 640 AAKS WD side look The Megahalems Megahalems Side View The Black Mamba - Photo 1166 The Black Mamba - Photo 1167 The Black Mamba - Photo 1168 The Black Mamba - Photo 1169 The Black Mamba - Photo 1306 The Black Mamba - Photo 1307 The Black Mamba - Photo 1308 The Black Mamba - Photo 1309 The Black Mamba - Photo 1310
Gallery Statistics
Member: Dark Star
Created: 16-04-09 12:35 PM
Last Modified: 06-12-11 07:32 PM
Views: 4921
Images: 13
Comments: 14

Author Comment Date
WCK FTW! No GPU??? 16-09-11
Dark Star Updated with some new components , 26-06-11
Dark Star Updated the rig a bit 17-08-09
Dark Star Got the Samsung S2233 SW WIll update the rig gallery soon when I click some nice pics 15-05-09
stonedsurd Oooh, suspense. 12-05-09
Dark Star Updated gallery.. Something new might be added soon 12-05-09
Dark Star Thanks.. Samsung F480 is really a great phone with 5mp cam specially to take pics in light ! 17-04-09
ShaTTeR Nice and Clean Rig man
None the less Amazing pics
Dark Star Yea some updates are left.. I am rather confused .. maybe monitor upgrade be done this month only.. don't know really...

I am thinking of getting True Black.. The pressure one needs to provide in Amx chips with SCCF can break the socket region.. and its pain to remove and install... Installation optiions in True is so smooth
vijayninel The heatsinks on the mobo look really cool. 16-04-09
stonedsurd eIPS won't hit 12K for a LOOOOONG time
Great rig
What problems with the SCCF installation?
Dark Star Yes.. C | Python | pyQT and some other learning stuff .. planning to do some joomla research and ruby developments..

No gaming at all.. Also use this for multimedia and article writing

I have a habit of keeping it clean .. am thinking of getting 2 extra fan [Thermaltake Thunderblade] and might replace SCCF with True Black because of SCCF pathetic installation

Not thinking of changing monitor will do that once e-IPS will get a bit affordable till 12k..
KiD0M4N You normally use this for Development. Correct? 16-04-09
Dark Star Will be doing much better cable management after 26th so will update the rig with new pics 16-04-09
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