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Evolution 2010

mav2000’s Forums | India's Top Technology forum. Rig Gallery
Evolution 2010
  • Phenon II 965BE@4Ghz
Graphics Card
  • 5850 Sapphire 1000/1100
  • MSI GD-70 790FX
  • Team Xtreeme 1800 CL8
  • CM Silent Power 700W
  • CM Storm Sniper

CPU - EK Supreme HF Copper/Plexi WB
GPU - EK 5850 Copper/Plexi + Nickel Back Plate
Black ICE Stealth 240 + 4 X 1850 Scythe GT
XSPC RS120 + 2 X 1850 Scythe GT
XSPC Dual BAY Res pump XO750
7/16" Tubing with EK/BP Compression fittings
Primochill Blue Tubing
Distilled Water and PT Nuke

  • 500 GB 7200.11 Seagate,
  • LG DVD Rom

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Front, with XSPC Res Evolution 2010 - Photo 775 Evolution 2010 - Photo 776 Evolution 2010 - Photo 777 Evolution 2010 - Photo 778 Evolution 2010 - Photo 779 Evolution 2010 - Photo 780
Gallery Statistics
Member: mav2000
Created: 08-04-09 11:35 PM
Last Modified: 07-08-10 10:54 PM
Views: 4474
Images: 7
Comments: 42

Author Comment Date
harijith321 amazing wow .. 14-05-11
|Bot. **** you im J -.- 06-10-10
wingzero Awesome rig. Love the WC 06-09-10
changappa1 Really sweet rig dude.. I always wanted to do this. But now it looks like there are other priorities. Awesome. 25-08-10
mav2000 In case of leakage thats the end of your computer...some or all parts can be killed...use extreme caution 21-08-10
prince91 Great rig... how much does this water coolling setup costs?
Corsair CWC H-50 costs ard 5k
i was wondering what would be the result if there is any leakage..........
mav2000 Thanks 15-08-10
ronnie_gogs Congrats on ROTM.... Truly awesome rig.... 15-08-10
mav2000 Sold all of them...every single one of them to the lucky guys on this forum... 14-08-10
Sumonpathak well yeah...and the 10 aftermarket heatsinks you used in one year 14-08-10
Xeo An awesome rig there!
He might be talking about the stock heatsink of your GPU, probably.
mav2000 Thanks guys.which heat sinks are you taking about? 12-08-10
Sumonpathak man dats question...what did you do with those heatsinks? 11-08-10
wingzero Brilliant....Love the cooling setup...:O 11-08-10
mav2000 Updated 07-08-10
skywalker Sexy RIG 02-07-10
mav2000 So here you go...with all the latest updates 07-06-10 Well lots of updates so am going to change 07-11-09
stonedsurd Updated with the new HSF eh :naughty 07-11-09 Thanks dude...but ures is probably as good if not better...cheers. 01-07-09
Aragorn Awesome rig ... with amazing cable management ... probably the best cable management on Erodov .. ... 30-06-09 Nope...its double sided 3m mounting tape. This tape is the bomb, its really really strong and holds pretty well. As long as you dont physically pick up and move your computer around like in a LAN meet its pretty much safe and wont move. Had a side fan attached using this and no problems. Also it looks cleaner as there are no extra zip ties. 29-05-09 a quick question....

hw u keepin the upper fan in place without the 3 to 4 bay converter....just hanging????
29-05-09 First up will be the case badges. Will try to get them up soon. THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE 26-05-09
stonedsurd Watching. 26-05-09 Thanks dude....some minor mods coming up soon. Watch this space. 26-05-09
rautela sigh... I am jealous of your rig man. 26-05-09
stonedsurd Time to update the specs? 20-05-09 Thanks dudes... 19-05-09
wingzero Nice rig buddy. 04-05-09
stonedsurd Hehe, those are WICKED. 28-04-09 Yes thats right, the orange ones. 28-04-09
stonedsurd The Xigmatek XLF-series? The Orange ones? 28-04-09 Have removed the rear CM stock fan and put in a xigmateck one. It has made a bit of difference to the temps but has made a lot of difference to the overall look, will upload pics soon. 27-04-09 Thanks guys.... 09-04-09
stonedsurd That's a great rig, especially with the core unlock and the overclock.
JD666 Very nice rig dude! especially the idea with the sata cables.. very unique! gonna try it out soon!! 09-04-09 Yup I made them myself, pretty easy, just use a thick pencil or pen and curl it around that, make sure there are no 90 or 180 deg bends or it can spoil the cable, it should just flow easily... 09-04-09
commieguerra Dud did you make the curls on the sata cable ??? How ? Want to do it on mine cause they are a bit too long ! 09-04-09 Thanks guys... 09-04-09
commieguerra Great cable management !! Getting a 720BE myself downgrading at the moment !! 09-04-09
KiD0M4N Thats a very impressive rig there buddy 09-04-09
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