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Free Radical’s Forums | India's Top Technology forum. Rig Gallery
el cheap0 vfm rig

CPUAMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (Brisbane BH-G1) @ 2.7 GHz (257 x 10.5) @ Stock volts
GPUATI Radeon X1300 @ Stock, nVidia GeForce 6150 IGP @ 575 Mhz
MoboAsus M2NPV-VM @ 1401 custom BIOS
RAM2 x 1GB Kingston Value Ram (DDR2 667) @ 900 Mhz 5-5-4-8-16-2T @ 1.9V
HDD2 x WD6400AAKS, Seagate ST3250620A
PSUCooler Master RS-650-ACAA-A1
MonitorDell Ultrasharp 2209WA
KeyboardTVS-E Gold (Black)
MouseEnter Optical 800dpi @ 500 Mhz, Wacom Bamboo Tablet 5x4
SoundcardCreative Soundblaster Audigy Value 7.1/24bit
TV TunerAverMedia Go TVcapture98 (Philips Bt878) PCI
SpeakersCreative Soundblaster SBS70 5.1, Soundmagic PL-11 IEMs
CabinetBeige cabby with no fans or leds and deliberately without the left side panel

v1.0 Jan 10, 2002 n00b bought these
Intel 845WN
P4 1.5Ghz (Willamette)
2x128 MB SDRAM
nVidia Riva TNT2 M64
Samsung SV4002H (40GB)
Samsung multimedia k/b
Got the beige cabby, stock HSF, 250 W local PSU

v1.1 sometime in late 2004
Bought the Hitachi-LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8523B

v1.2 sometime in early 2005
CD-ROM croaked

v1.3 Aug 04, 2006
PSU had croaked. Got the Navtech 550 W
Also got the Liteon 1633S. Insisted on getting Liteon. Markets scarce on them. Had to settle with an old make.
Crossflashed the same day with custom firmware for multi colored leds, optimized firmware for local media, disabled RPC.

v1.4 Jan 2007
SoundBlaster Audigy Value 7.1
SBS 70 RMS 5.1 analog speakers

v1.6 Sep 22, 2007
Got the Seagate 7200.10 PATA, cheapo k/b and D-Link GLB-502T Router

v2.0 Sep 26, 2007
Moved over to AMD mobo, proccie and DDR2.

v2.1 Oct 2007
TVS-E Gold

v2.11 Oct 25, 2007 0400 to 1100 am
First time CPU OC on air & stock. No AS5.
Same old beige box.
Stopped pushing at 2625 Mhz (250x10.5) stability testing.

v2.12 Dec 26, 2007 1000 pm Dec 27 0700 am
First time RAM OC.
Same old beige box.
Kingston Value RAM
5-5-5-15-21-2T 333 MHz (DDR2-667) @ 1.8v
4-4-4-9-16 2T 437.5MHz (DDR2-875) max @ 1.9v
4-4-4-12-16 2T 437.5MHz (DDR2-875) stable @ 1.9v

v2.13 Jan 14, 2007
RAM was failing in some benchies and some stability issues, prolly due to the high HT.
Mobo has no HT multiplier settings so installed ntune.
No change with command line parameters for ntune
Manually entering settings using ntune worked.
AHK to the rescue. HT bus now @ 1000
(Script runs at startup for manually pushing ntune)
RAM running 24x7 at 4-4-5-10-16-2T (DDR2-875) @ 1.9v
Stability tested with Everest CPU+Memory for 6 hours.Temps stabiliized to 55c

v2.14 Mar 01, 2008
CPU@2700Mhz (10.5*257)
RAM at stock timings running at insane high speed of 900 Mhz@CPU/6 (this is a DDR2-667)
Fails orthos after 10 minutes.
Temps stabilize at 63c on stress testing for 1 hour
2 seconds improvement with superpi.
For the first time could beat
E6700 with DDR2800 @stock in a benchie in Everest
Windows booting at HT Link of 1300 pwned by ntuner

v2.2 Mar 28, 2008

v2.3 May 28, 2008
+640 GB HDD Space (WD6400AAKS)

v2.4 July 19, 2008
Got the Samsung SH223F DVD-RW. Crossflashed with ST00 RPC1-FR-RLR-BS-ROMD-EOPC
using C0deKing's Patch Utility and Tsdnwin.
Heatsink reseated and some cable management after high temps. Cabinet upgrade pending.

v2.41 July 30, 2008
Optimized RAM bandwidth and timings.
2% improvement in pi scores at 5-5-4-8-16-2T@1.9v

v2.42 Aug 30, 2008
Added 2 ISA option roms to BIOS 1301, one of them being self compiled with fasm in assembly language. With LAN boot enabled, now can run HT multipiler @ 3x from BIOS. Would enable further OC with a better HSF.
Interferes with restart, everything else is fine.

v2.43 Aug 30, 2008, 0630 am
Switched to PCI option ROM. Both mods interfere in rebooting.

v2.44 Aug 30, 2008 1100 am
Looks like there is no end to my madness.
Hacked and reflashed my BIOS again to OC my IGP, GeForce 6150.
Settled for 25% OC (575 Mhz) over the stock 475.

v2.5 Nov 7, 2008
Got the ATI Radeon X1300 courtesy of MaxAxe

v2.6 Feb 21, 2009
Samsung SV4002H died two days back. Also retiring the GCE-8523B
Got my Dell 2209WA.

v2.7 Mar 03, 2009
Seagate ST3250820A dead.

v2.8 Mar 24, 2009
Seagate ST3250820A given for RMA. Bought the Epson Perfection V30 scanner.

v2.81 Mar 28, 2009
Received the Seagate ST3250620A as replacement.

v2.82 Apr 22, 2009
My flimsy MylarOne cans died. I $uck at soldering.
Revived the Samsung SV4002H. Corrupted MFT and an underpowered connector was what was its nemesis. working fine now and cooler than the Seagate and WD. This die hard bugger is with me from v1.0. They don't make hard disks like this anymore.

v2.83 Apr 26, 2009
Turned off oc for the summer and undervolted to 1.075V using A64InfoMod. Can go lower if I underclock but running at stock 2.1 GHz and RAM at tight timings and 700 Mhz.
8-10 degree drop in temps. Running 24x7 and very cool.

v2.84 Jun 04, 2009
was reading bout the use of hdparm in linux. then decided to test it in windows. guess what, my 8 year old SV4002H supports AAM and the new Seagate PATA doesn't have the feature set. Set AAM to 254 for the Samsung. cudn't test cache timings as it doesn't have any but feels a lot more zippier.

v2.85 Jun 15, 2009
The strangest thing happened today. I cud use RMClock after a cmos reset. What a wonderful app.
The pen nib of the Wacom stylus had become too short. After testing various materials including comb teeth, toothpicks, matchsticks, ghettoed a nib out of the stalk of an incense stick. Perfect pressure sensitivity and precision. Better than the plastic nibs that Wacom charges several hundred bucks for.

v2.9 July 30, 2009
PSU and mobo dead due to unknown reasons.
Mobo RMAed on Aug 5, 2009

v2.91 Aug 10, 2009
Received mobo from RMA.
Bought Cooler Master Real Power Pro 650 from stonedsurd. Reassembled and did some cable management.

v2.92 Aug 21, 2009
Bios Mod: Updated ROMOS to 1.04, VGA 550, compressed PCI option rom and added

v2.93 Oct 04, 2009
Updated the Samsung SH223F DVD-RW with SB03 RPC1-FR-DL16-RLR-EOPC-BS-ROMD

v2.94 Oct 20, 2009
Redid the bios mods 2 days prior to the event
Works like a charm.

v2.95 Oct 23, 2009
The SV4002H was reporting failure and several reallocations.
Reinitialized it with MHDD and remapped bad sectors.

v2.96 Dec 24, 2009
SV4002H retired.
Added a spanking new WD6400AAKS and got the PL-11s. Burning-in for 8 hours with Pink Noise.

v2.97 Mar 26, 2010
Mobo died after a flash failed. Given for RMA on the 29th. Bought some National Brand DVD+Rs.
Mobo received on April 17th. Did some great cable management.
Flashed it thrice with my custom BIOS. Using 512 MB RAMdisk on Windows XP from now on.
CPU @ 10.5x220 (2310 Mhz) @ 1.1500V for the summers.

v2.98 May 30, 2010
Technically this should count as a rebirth aka v3 but that would be when I buy a new mobo.
My bios mod AGESA and cpucode transplant works although I have to disable ACPI and consequently an\m restricted to a single core system, but its no less glorious.
I can now run a Thuban on my AM2!

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
2209WA Horizontal 2209WA Vertical TVS-E Gold Workspace Wacom Bamboo Tablet 5x4 Desktop Epson Perfection V30 Scanner el cheapo mouse and headset Closeup Summer Clean Up, 2010 Summer Wire Management, 2010
Gallery Statistics
Member: Free Radical
Created: 04-04-09 01:55 AM
Last Modified: 30-05-10 01:56 PM
Views: 4991
Images: 11
Comments: 31

Author Comment Date
Free Radical And that was also the day it breathed its last.
New rig ??
Free Radical Nice to know you still drop by.
Updated with my latest conquest.
stonedsurd Is the last update mis-dated? Shouldn't it be 2010? 19-05-10
Free Radical Don't need to right now.
My next puter would prolly be a netvertible tablet
stonedsurd And it looks pretty neat. When are you getting a new rig? 25-04-10
Free Radical Cleanup and wire management pics added. Looks a lot cleaner now. This is the best I can do with this crappo cabinet. 19-04-10
stonedsurd I like the " 2.1" 22-08-09
Free Radical gallery pics denoised 21-08-09
stonedsurd Glad to see you're up and running again 11-08-09
Free Radical Updated after hitting NP. Thanks for the company stoneyboy 11-08-09
stonedsurd No updates for July? Better hit NP before the month is out. 24-07-09
Free Radical ty Wingy.
actually the core components are lame. would be relegated to a HTPC after I buy a Zebby Cube
wingzero OMG freaking Great config. 04-05-09
stonedsurd xD
Undervolting ftw!
stonedsurd Congrats! 23-04-09
Free Radical The Smasung 40 GB lives again! yippee 23-04-09
Free Radical Renumbered
ShaTTeR More than the pics ur Versions impress me. 17-04-09
Free Radical Its almost full. gotta burn some stuff fast. 11-04-09
vijayninel this is the lair of the champion. 09-04-09
Free Radical Nah. Don't remember all of them. I just keep track of my changes to know what went wrong (or right ) and how long stuff lasted. 06-04-09
JD666 man! how many versions... and the best part is, you actually remember all of them!! neat setup dude! 06-04-09
stonedsurd Hahaha. I was kidding mate. I like that urban night-time scene. Have the same one 05-04-09
Free Radical err. i like nature scenes, textures and fractals. I don't appreciate buff unless I have some privacy 05-04-09
stonedsurd You have terrible taste in Wallpapers
Nice update
Free Radical Added more pics 05-04-09
stonedsurd Who asked you to comment first?
Those are some SWEET tweaks there. I'm gonna have to sit with you one day and have a lengthy chat.
Free Radical The ISA option ROMs are besides the LAN boot ROM
One of them loads FreeDOS from the BIOS
KiD0M4N Woot nice So you have injected that code into the bios by replacing the LAN Boot agent code Nice! 04-04-09
Free Radical @KiD0M4N ---> [url];f=20;t=000351;p=3[/url] 04-04-09
KiD0M4N I really wanna know about these:

v2.9 Aug 30, 2008
Added 2 ISA option roms to BIOS 1301, one of them being self compiled with fasm in assembly language. With LAN boot enabled, now can run HT multipiler @ 3x from BIOS. Would enable further OC with a better HSF.
Interferes with restart, everything else is fine.

v2.91 Aug 30, 2008, 0630 am
Switched to PCI option ROM. Both mods interfere in rebooting.
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