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wingzero’s Forums | India's Top Technology forum. Rig Gallery

Processing by
Intel i7 920 D0
chilled with mx2 + Noctua U12p-se2 @4.22ghz (209x 21).
Gigabyte Ex58-ud5 (f12 bios)
coupled with
2gb x 3 G.skill pi. black ddr3 1600 @1600mhz 6-8-6-24 (1.5v)
display thru
Zotac Gtx 460 AMP! @ 900-1800-2200 @ 1.062v + Dell U2311H
with data stuffed on
2TB + 1TB seagate

input thru
Razer Abyssus on Qck mini + samsung pleomax + Lite-on 24x
sound thru
Altec lansing mx5021 + audigy 2 zs
all powered by
Corsair HX620 And
housed in Cooler master Cm690 II Advanced

Accessories : xbox 360 controller / philips shp800

Home rig :

Intel e2140 on gigabyte G31-s2l
paired with transcend ddr2 667 1gb x 2 + WD 160gb + LG dvdrw + logitech mx310 & kbd + samsung 55v housed in modded zebby Bijli

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
4.22ghz super pi Zebby bijli Dragon Mod Home Rig H@ze H@ze2 H@ze3 Whole of it! Super pi 9.313s Abyssus
Gallery Statistics
Member: wingzero
Created: 02-04-09 10:42 PM
Last Modified: 12-01-12 02:38 PM
Views: 4552
Images: 9
Comments: 32

Author Comment Date
wingzero upgrade to IPS goodness, Dell U2311H replacing my old Dell E198WFP. 12-01-12
wingzero Latest additions :

Seagate LP ST2000DL003 2TB drive and
Msi Gtx 460 hawk
wingzero Rig's running cool dude...Rams just needed some more volts than 1.5 @ 1600mhz 08-11-10
Xeo @wingy: Wow, can't believe I missed seeing this! So how is the rig working out for ya? Like the RAM? 08-11-10
wingzero @deepak not possible rite now. Even i wish to do it but no time. It was done back at my hometown. You can check my thread for details. You can get it done yourself. Contact the persons who do the number plate stuff along with car vinyl. they do these kinda stuff or atleast you would get some good info on where it can be done.

@moh1t - yup you're correct
deepak_raam i just need the sticker only 29-10-10
mohitgarg deepak...I doubt he will as he wants to do some modding himself and more importantly he would want to encourage you to do it urself....m i right wingy? 28-10-10
deepak_raam can u custom made it for me. how much it costs .how it shines 27-10-10
wingzero @deepak it was custom made. I didn't buy it. 26-10-10
Jaydip CONGO >>>>>ON THE MOVE NICE DUDE >>>> 25-10-10
deepak_raam where did you get the dragon sticker 18-10-10
wingzero thanx pavas 04-01-10
pavasedge Nice setup 04-01-10
wingzero thanx 10-07-09
iwanowsky nice look man 10-07-09
wingzero Lol done stone...... 30-05-09
stonedsurd Wait, the title if F@nG, but the description says L@mB? 30-05-09
wingzero thnx FR. Appreciated 18-05-09
Free Radical gr8 config 18-05-09
stonedsurd Scratch the IDE
Nice job regardless
wingzero Ty. Well cleaned em up after i took the snaps...Had borrowed the cam fr this occasion and had to return soon. As for cable mgt cant help it on a zebbie i feel lack of space and also the IDE is a PITA 24-04-09
ShaTTeR Clean ! and Manage the cables,
Lol Nice rig btw and Nice clock there for a 24/7
wingzero haha....nopes i like it. 21-04-09 Get rid of that bijli yaar...its killing your 14-04-09
wingzero Nt for a C0...they need higher volts....u jus need to have temps under control for volts. Guess wt farookh benched e84 @ 5ghz on air...with vcore of 1.7..his last bench before the chip went to his friend. that was something a high vcore. I wonder wt wud be the temps. In my case idle is 45...full load orthos @ 76 wen clocked to 4.32 13-04-09
JD666 wow! isnt the vcore a bit high??? 13-04-09
wingzero @JD thnx buddy.....its a C0 stepping hence needs higher volts..applied 1.565 or so..cpu-z shows 1.544. For 4.05ghz it needs 1.4v. Running at same for now 12-04-09
JD666 Sweet rig dude! very nice OC! what core voltage you gave for 4.3?? 09-04-09
Ad1tya Nice 03-04-09
KiD0M4N Those MX5021 remind me of some good times 03-04-09
wingzero ^^Dell E198wfp..that pic was taken after i cleaned my table its all messy. 03-04-09
stonedsurd That's a mighty neat table!
And nice RAM
What monitor is that?
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