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My earliest case mod, which housed the following:

CPU E8400
Motherboard Abit IP35E (lousy vDroop)
RAM 2x2GB G.Skill Pi Blacks
GPU Sapphire HD4870 1GB
Hard Drives Hitachi 160GB SATA II & WDC 640AAKS
Optical Drive Samsung DVD-R/W
PSU CM Real Power Pro 650
Mouse Logitech G5 SE

All this is now shifted to a new home in my HAF 932, and features a few additions, like an Ikari Optical and Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 speakers.

The worklog and more pics of this rig can be found here.

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
The top/side of the chassis - all lit up! Side panel with the "Anarchy" symbol Side panel with TF2 and HL symbols etched In the light of day! Cathodes (only 2 of the total of four installed) The cut up side panel, with the Dremel and battery pack The GPU. Can't wait to put it under WC! Although those heatpipes do a mighty fine job already! Pi Blacks. Look hot, run cool ;) Oh, how I love these.
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Member: stonedsurd
Created: 02-04-09 07:37 PM
Last Modified: 27-04-09 07:07 PM
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Comments: 29

Author Comment Date
stonedsurd Technically this rig shouldn't exist

Ugh, I can't wait to finish up modding so that I can post more galleries.
rautela Technically you should remove the mention of logitech G5 SE .hohohoho 12-08-09
stonedsurd I think SMC will have it in Nehru Place, or you can PM one of the dealers to check. It uses standard molex connectors. 11-06-09
amit123 hey ! where to find that blue neon light .. n how to use it ? :-| 11-06-09
stonedsurd Yup. The HAF will be taking the WC rig. 20-05-09 love your old case....slick...
plannin any mods on the haf???
stonedsurd Thanks Rocky 05-05-09
Rockfella Kickass!!! 05-05-09
stonedsurd Thanks vijay True words there 03-05-09
vijayninel Really awesome setup there You can have the worlds most expensive case but nothing gives more satisfaction than self-made 03-05-09
stonedsurd Thanks! 17-04-09
GHOST HUNTER nice case,Mr A 17-04-09
stonedsurd Added some blurry phone-can pics 12-04-09
stonedsurd thanks! 06-04-09
JD666 CHeerios stoney.. great going man! 06-04-09
stonedsurd With a dremel. I used both hands, or I'd have taken a pic of me doing it. 05-04-09
vasishta.sushant Good one mod. I am just wondering how did you etch those HL symbols ? 05-04-09
stonedsurd When I'm home, I will go on a picture-posting spree.
For now, what you see is what you get
Ad1tya How about pic's of the new setup? 03-04-09
Ad1tya Cool casemods! 03-04-09
stonedsurd Can't satisfy them all, now can I? wait for me to get home, you'll get more than you bargained for
wingy: thanks
Free Radical have seen them pics before.
witing for some HAF glamour shots
wingzero Awesome rig stoney.. 02-04-09
stonedsurd Thenku. I'm just waiting like crazy for summer. Can't wait to get my HAF mod started and wrap up the HTPC. 02-04-09
JD666 Alright! keep em coming! nice pics stoney 02-04-09
stonedsurd LOL, yeah. You have sharp eyes. I didn't even notice that pic 02-04-09
d@rK nEmEsIs hey is that u in the 4th pic on the wall photo frame 02-04-09
stonedsurd I wanted to save it for pics of my HAF or the HTPC mod. 02-04-09
KiD0M4N Finally the noob is posting 02-04-09
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