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Hackint0sh + Gaming Rig : E8400 (4.1Ghz), Abit IP35 Pro, 4GB GSkill 2GBNJ+2GBHZ 1:1 912Mhz 4-4-4 2.1v HD4870 (800/4400), E228WFP, 2TB+ Storage, OSX 10.5.8 / Windows XP SP3, Steelseries Ikari Optical, Razer Goliathus Speed, Razer ProType, CoolerMaster ATCS 840, OCZ GamerXtreme 700W

X-Fi Platinum > Zero DAC (LT1364 + 2 x LM4562) > DT990 Pro.

Misc : Playstation 3 40GB.

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teh Audio Bliss Teh Source of teh audio bliss Lesser Mess Finally, some ports! Lesser Mess!
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Member: Ad1tya
Created: 02-04-09 12:35 PM
Last Modified: 20-08-09 01:54 PM
Views: 5761
Images: 5
Comments: 11

Author Comment Date
stonedsurd It's been more than "a few"
MOAR pics
stonedsurd No longer 'teh mess' with that case, now is it?

stuntpsycho awesome rig dude.. 26-04-09
wingzero Cool one...DAC Pro's:|....m green:| 17-04-09
[M]av3r!cK should more pics of your caby from diffrent sides 17-04-09
Ad1tya Lol.. the filter is on the fan as more of a finger guard. I had it lying around so..

Stony, Only when I get a new case man! Ill even clean up the table and set it up nicely, but only when I get a new case!
JD666 nice rig!! whats the filter like thing in the first pic for? 02-04-09
d@rK nEmEsIs nice rig 02-04-09
stonedsurd I iz wants DAC and pro headphones
Awesome rig, but you need someone (hawk) to help you clean it up and close it up!
Arun.P omg nice rig at first time upload 2/04/08 02-04-09
KiD0M4N So the Lead Admin uploads his rig 02-04-09
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