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Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100
Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100
Date: 25-03-13
Topic: Reviews & Previews
Author: mav2000



Hi guys and welcome to the review of the Antec 1100. Well, we all know the 300 and some of us have even used the 900 and the 1200. All three of these chassis were market leaders in their own time and I remember going crazy about getting an Antec 1200 a couple of years ago. Things have changed a lot since then and newer products from the competition relegated these three products to the back benches. There were a few attempts by Antec, but none were as noteworthy as the 1100 and the P280. Today we are going to have a look at the 1100 and hopefully we will have a look at the P280 in the near future.

Lets take a quick look at the specifications before going ahead.


Model Eleven Hundred
Case Type Mid-Tower
Color(s) Black

Cooling System
- One 200 mm blue LED top fan
- One 120 mm rear fan
- One 120 mm intake fan behind. motherboard for CPU cooling (optional)
- Two 120 mm internal intake fans (optional)
- Two 120 mm front intake fans (optional)
- Two 120 mm side panel fans to cool graphic cards (optional)
- Fan power hub (allows you to connect four 3-pin fans to a single Molex for improved cable management)

Drive Bays
- Three 5.25" tool-less drive bays
- Two 2.5 drive bays (dedicated)
- Six 3.5 tool-less drive bays (rail-mount design)

Front Ports
- Two USB 3.0 with internal motherboard connector
- Two USB 2.0
- Audio In/Out

Expansion Slots / video card size

- Nine expansion slots
- 13" (330 mm) video card size

Maximum CPU cooler height 6.7 (170 mm)
PSU None
Motherboard Support XL-ATX [13.6 x 10.3 (345 mm x 262 mm)], Standard ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX)
CPU Cutout Enlarged CPU Cutout
Cable Management Grommet-lined cable routing holes with 36 mm of space behind the motherboard tray
Side panel features - Side Panel Window (Right side)
Dimensions - 20.7 (H) x 9.3 (W) x 21.5 (D) / 527 mm (H) x 237 mm (W) x 546 mm (D)
Weight - Net weight: 15.3 lbs / 6.9 kg Gross weight: 18.7 lbs / 8.5 lbs

While building a gaming rig, all of us spend a lot of time reading reviews and asking questions on forums. But once you get a hang of it, its quite easy to do and I am sure many of us here don't even blink twice before changing out parts today. At this point choosing the right chassis, with all the right requirements becomes a tedious job, because each of us have different requirements as well as a sense of design. Some may want a whole lot of cooling, while others may prefer silence. Some of us prefer a rugged theme, while others would like a more classy and simple design. But even taking all this into consideration, I think ease of use is one of the main things to look out for one choosing a PC chassis.

Today, case manufacturers have acknowledged the fact that we have people like ourselves (enthusiasts) who would like to build their own PC's and they have gone to great lengths to making the chassis a whole lot more easy to work with. Back in the day, there was no way you were going to finish building a custom PC without a few cuts and bruises. And today, its almost the opposite. But, you still get a few low end chassis that will end up making your hands and fingers look like they have been through the blender.

Along with ease of use a lot of manufactures also concentrate on design and cooling and Antec was probably one of the first mainstream guys to take this seriously. The 1100 is a mid tower, which is a bit of a dampener, as I was expecting it to be a full tower or a super mid tower at the very least. But it makes up for its apparent lack of size with a ton of features. Lets take a quick look at the unboxing before going ahead with the review.


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By mav2000 04-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

I know Singh has already published a review on the same chassis, but I was already half way through, so it was better for me to finish it. Hope you like it and cheers.
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By Sumonpathak 04-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

me likes....
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By mav2000 04-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

Thank you kind sir
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By ChironX 04-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

This is a very interesting mid-tower which put Antec back in terms of competition with other companies like Corsair/ Cooler Master/NZXT etc.

I would have liked a clean plexi side window (without the fan holes). But looks like Antec went in with the same style as Corsair's C70, and 300R Windowed (though the fan holes on the Corsair cases are one on top of another, not side-by-side). Another fatal flaw was not extending the top vents to have a proper 240mm rad support, which cheaper cases like Arc Midi have been incorporating since ages.

They came out with a revision of this case I think, which has 2x120mm fan holes up top and some other refinements. But good case nevertheless. Great review; elaborate and nice to read.
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By mav2000 05-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

Thanks man...its a good case. As far as the window is concerned, it can easily be done as the window can be replace by anyone in 10-15 minutes. Yes, the loss of 120 x 2 support is more of an issue.
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By ChironX 05-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

Also, I realized while going through your review again - I don't like how Antec has made the HDD bay. You can't mod it without hampering the structural integrity of the case itself, since the HDD bay stands on two vertical supports with etched lines to push the removable individual bays in. If we're to cut that portion out, the case will lose significant strength and will wobble a bit. They should've gone for the removable drive bay designs that other companies are doing. Corsair, CM, NZXT etc. and I think even their own P280 line has that feature.
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By ManISinJpr 06-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

I think that this is a nice one, but one thing that struck me as problem was, how to take out the front filter?
The filters are a must in India and I have a horrid time cleaning them every couple of days, so to shorten my reach of them I don't use the front facade.. !
an open cabinet is not hw it is supposed to be but then what to do?

also as Chiron said, the HDD bay is indeed structurally built in.
harder job for modders.
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By mav2000 06-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

The front filter can be easily removed and washed. So no issues there.
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By ManISinJpr 06-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

^^ Then it is a stellar case as I have said before.
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By Singh 10-04-13
Re: Review - Antec Gaming Series 1100

Good Review Sir, The case is really good ....
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