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csunit37 26-05-13 09:16 PM

Real Racing 3 Review

Real Racing 3 Review

Real racing 3 is the third instalment to the Real Racing Series. EAís mobile studio, the Firemonkeys has created by far the best racing game on mobiles and tablets. This game is unlike any other game in the Racing genre. There wonít be any racing gimmicks like nitro; neither there will be any crazy drifting nor wrecking your opponentís car. This is pure RACING. People who have played the Formula 1 game for PCs and consoles will know all the concepts about racing simulation.

The game is a freemium game (more on that later), available free in the market. This is the first free game in the series. But is it really free and worth playing? Letís find out.


The graphics of Real Racing 3 is absolutely stunning. Be it the environment, reflections, cars, tracks everything is just fantastic. Everything is very realistic and on a small screen the visuals are awesome. Though if you observe carefully there will be slight aliasing on the cars and environment but that is a minor flaw and can be overlooked because driving at 200kmph+ the involvement in the game will be so high that it wonít be noticeable at all.

The game is very huge and you need to have at least 1.2GB free space on your sdcard.


Real Racing 3 is a big game. There are tons of events (over 1000) to participate in . There are a total of 49 licensed cars (till now) and many real racing tracks. Completion of this game will take time or you might not have the patience to do it. I have played over 14hrs till now and participated in a total of 250+races(163 completed). Events include normal Cup races, Drag races, Elimination races, Head to head races, Hunter (you try to catch a car ahead of you), Speed record (reach maximum speed during a complete lap), Autocross (race against time) and Speed snap (hitting the finish line with top speed).

If you have played a racing simulation before, you must then know all about it. For others who haven't, Racing simulations unlike normal races are a bit ďrealisticĒ so as to say. You will have to apply the brakes on every corner, you cannot just drift and hit the wall and get back on the track so easily. That will do nothing but damage your own car. Hitting opponentís car will also damage your car. Damaged cars will then not perform to their full capability. The top speed will decrease, the acceleration time will increase, the breaking distance will increase and it will make things tougher and tougher. The cars will then have to be repaired and serviced which will require you to spend cash and every repair will take time.

Iím a huge simulation fan and therefore I was really impressed with the gameplay. It takes a little time to adjust to the gameplay, but you donít have to worry if you are not comfortable. A lot of assists are provided in the game to help the players. This includes traction control, brake assist and steering assist.

But donít count on the assists for the entire game because during later part of the game these will actually slow you down and winning races with assists on is almost impossible.

Now letís look at the most important aspect of the game: in-app purchase.

Real Racing 3 is free in the market but the in-app purchases will make you crazy. Basically real racing has two types of money- cash(R$) and gold. Cash is used for buying and upgrading cars and gold is used to skip the waiting time. You get awarded with cash every time you win a race and with gold every time you reach the next driver level. But the fact is cash and gold are hard to earn in this game. You will have to race the same track again and again so that you have enough cash and gold to upgrade your cars or buy new ones.
This is where the game just spoils the fun. Long waiting period (several hours) before your car delivers and waiting period before your car gets serviced for optimal performance. If you want to skip the waiting period you will have to pay some gold. This transaction is more in the favor of EA than us. Because you race in 3-5 events to get your driver level up and earn 3 gold coins and then you are asked to pay 3 gold coins to skip the waiting period. This can make impatient players actually buy game credits and gold from EA. So you will have to avoid damaging your car at any cost.

You will damage your car if you donít drive carefully during the course of the race. Each time the race ends you will be asked to repair your car if there is any damage. This will cost you some credits.

Time-Shifted Multiplayer (TSM)

This is a great concept and is a real plus point in the game. The time-shifted multiplayer allows you to compete with real people. If you are connected to facebook you can also compete with your friends. What it does is it records all the player data, the best runs, the top speed etc. and overlays it with other playerís game. So in a sense you race with other person (AI controlled). This makes the game really challenging and fun. You get a notification every time a friend beats you and then you get a chance to beat his time again.

Real Racing 3 is a fantastic addition to the real racing series. The stunning visuals and the gameplay realism will keep you occupied every time you play this game. Yes the waiting time and the in-app purchases are disappointing but that does not take away the beauty of the game. Moreover its free in the market, so no harm in at least giving it a try once.

  • Stunning graphics and visuals
  • Fantastic gameplay and mechanics
  • Time-Shifted Multiplayer
  • Very realistic (damages, repairing and servicing cars )
  • in-app purchase too expensive
  • long waiting periods(few minutes to several hours)

Rating - 8/10

This is the best racing game in the market for mobiles and tablets. And its "FREE"..

vijayninel 27-05-13 09:30 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Thanks for the review Sunit ... looks very tempting. Downloading now :D

ChironX 27-05-13 09:40 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Very good review man, gonna check out the game today only :D

csunit37 27-05-13 10:04 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Thanks guys :)
And forgot to mention this is a graphic intensive game and will push your device to the limits..
Will lag on the low end devices and few mid range devices.. :(

vijayninel 27-05-13 10:08 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Sob .. it says this isn't compatible with my Galaxy tab ... sob.. :41:

Edit : Aha ;) Now real racing 3 working very good in our tab download here - xda-developers

uniquegamer 27-05-13 11:14 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
This game looks awesome
Nice review sunit.

kartikoli 27-05-13 02:21 PM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
good review
first i thought its a PC game :D nice graphics

csunit37 27-05-13 06:29 PM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review

Originally Posted by kartikoli (Post 859123)
first i thought its a PC game :D nice graphics

lol.. :D
Yes the graphics are amazing.. Looks awesome on the small screen..

ManISinJpr 27-05-13 07:40 PM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Nice review and gameplay scenario presentation there @csunit37
I will wait for this game to release on my platform ;)

vijayninel 27-05-13 08:16 PM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review

Originally Posted by ManISinJpr (Post 859174)
I will wait for this game to release on my platform ;)

I thought you had said that there is no lack of apps for Windows phones ?

Prash 27-05-13 08:38 PM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Good review, repped. :)

csunit37 27-05-13 08:48 PM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Thanks @Prash :)
@ManISinJpr I hope they release it soon for your platform ;) :p

ManISinJpr 28-05-13 09:39 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Ha ha ha ha !! I knew you would say this :)
So let me lift the suspense :D

its available here too my reply was just to tease Vijay ;)

Originally Posted by vijayninel (Post 859183)
I thought you had said that there is no lack of apps for Windows phones ?

vijayninel 28-05-13 10:00 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
Ah ... good to see that youve found this third party site. Hope there is a official release too. Also there was a interesting article by Preston Gralla yesterday - Windows Phone users' problem: There's no app for that | Computerworld Blogs

csunit37 28-05-13 10:53 AM

Re: Real Racing 3 Review
That video is so fake.. @ManISinJpr real racing 3 is not available on the windows store yet.
They released "real racing 2" few days back.
Can you confirm if the link on the description of the video you posted works?

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