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Old 05-03-17   #1
teh nuB!
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PSA Regarding the Sale of Old PC Components in the Bazar

PSA regarding the sale of old gen. pc components.

This is a public service announcement to all community members esp. the traders and business people frequenting the bazar. I noticed that there is a sudden influx in the sale of old and sometimes very old PC components. I'm sure that by now we all know about Ryzen and Intel's 7th Gen. Kabylake chips, Nvidia's Pascal GTX 1000 series and AMD RX graphics cards. These also have newer features.

I'm not sure as to why the people selling these old PC components are doing so. May be they don't need them anymore, maybe they have already upgraded or maybe they are doing it for the money (who doesn't, really?). I'm not going to put up conspiracy theories but you get the idea.

What I want to say is, don't get fooled/duped into buying these old components just because they sound good. They might have been good during their time years ago but chances of them catching up to new models is little to none. This is especially true for old AMD PC's. I'm not saying don't buy, by all means do go ahead with the purchase if you are interested. HOWEVER do your research properly and be careful about the value you get out of the money you want to spend on it. An example, buying the first gen Core i7 processors for 6-7k. I know this sounds attractive because of the "i7" but you're better off not spending any money on it. Unless you get it very very cheap, which you won't. Its just not worth it. Same goes for old AMD pre-FX CPUs and old graphics cards. Also honestly spending 10000rs+ on FX 990 chipset motherboards is foolish. Even the top-end FX chips aren't good enough to compete against older Intel chips. But an exception is there for hardcore Overclockers who want the best parts for overclocking and FX chips are good OC'ers and 990 motherboards are good partners.
Looking at you GTX 5XX/6XX/7XX and AMD HD5XXX/6XXX/7XXX sellers. With Pascal GTX 1000 series and AMD RX series of graphics cards I'm not sure if old Nvidia Maxwell GTX 9XX and AMD R-series cards are still worth the amount people are asking for. They were good. Not so-much anymore honestly. Even if people who bought them for 25-30k are asking half of that price, be careful. If you ask for a lower price they will accuse you of "lowballing" (sellers' fav. word lol) so its better to just stay the hell away from them. For instance you can get a BRAND NEW RX 470 4GB for some 16-17k instead of a 2 years old GTX 970 3.5GB. But spending 19-20k for the RX 470 8GB is silly. The RX 470 isn't powerful enough to utilize the full 8GB memory bandwidth. Its just marketing gimmick. For 20k you're much better off buying the RX 480 4GB. As for GTX 1060 6GB vs RX 480 8GB lets leave it for another day. These are just some examples.

You have every right to ask the seller/s any question related to the product so if you want to, go ahead. I also noticed that the buyers on this forum market to be very gullible and greedy. They are quick to make a deal without asking questions just because the selling price fall in their budget. To this people, I say be careful. Last but not the least, just because someone has a high number of bazar feedback doesn't mean you should trust the person eyes closed. The bazar exists solely for one purpose only: money.

I hope this post help you in every little way it can. Thank you for your time.

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Old 06-03-17   #2
teh pretendeR!
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Re: PSA Regarding the Sale of Old PC Components in the Bazar

This should be a sticky post.

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Old 07-03-17   #3
teh nuB!
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Re: PSA Regarding the Sale of Old PC Components in the Bazar

Originally Posted by dxkiller View Post
This should be a sticky post.

lol appreciate it man. Can mods consider sticking this somewhere in a relevant section? won't help if nobody reads it lol.
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