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Overclocking My Haswell Chip.

Hello everyone; been a while.

So I upgraded my aging undervolted Phenom II to Haswell exactly a week ago, and I'm working on a minimal overclock because of lack of adequate cooling.

First off, I'm using the stock cooler. I'm not too worried about this since my temps don't go beyond 80C while stressing using the latest P95 with AVX. IBT is quicker, but I've had what I thought was a stable OC according to IBT, but crashed out of prime in fifteen minutes.

So I had decided I'd do a quick OC for my 4670K. This meant -

VCore - 1.1v, Multi-40x.

That was quick and easy for 4Ghz. So I thought I'd push to 4.2, since that's a decent OC without a cooler. And I can still retain somewhere near stock voltages ( 1.15v )

So after plenty of testing around and such, I found that using a voltage offset was way worse with LLC than setting a fixed VCore.

So once I got my VCore issues sorted out ( using the High setting, which might be Level 3 ) with the LLC set appropriately to get the voltages I wanted, switched back to CPUZ 1.64 ( which does correct voltage reading on Haswell with a fixed VID; I was using HWMonitor earlier because CPUZ 1.66 didn't show the correct vcore ) I started to OC. I decided 4.2Ghz was plenty to go with without requiring an aftermarket cooler ( which stands probably second or third on my list after a decent GPU and another 4 gigs of RAM ).

I pushed up the multi to 42x and set the VCore to 1.15v and after lots of testing, it wasn't stable or anything. So I decided to, much to my reluctance, look for a guide to OC Haswell considering this was new tech for me.

Either way, I found Intel God's ( from the Tom's Hardware forums ) quick and dirty guide to haswell OC where he said there was a little more to increasing just the VCore and multi. After that I learned about the VRIN ( CPU Input Voltage ) and Cache Voltage ( CPU RING voltage ) and how important they were to OC haswell properly.

Either way, I'm at the following settings

Multi - 42x
Uncore - 39x ( Interestingly, still shows NB Freq as 3800 in CPUZ )
VCore - 1.15 ( I was previously running 1.125v and with LLC it went up to 1.14v )
VRIN - 1.9v
CPU RING - 1.18v

These are my latest settings and I haven't primed them yet, but with my prev settings of 1.125v/1.86v/1.15v ( VCore/VRIN/RING ), I would get seemingly random 124 BSODs ( hadn't primed ) while playing CSGO. And I would be able to manage 3-4 hours of CSGO at times. And about 20 minutes at other times. After a while only I found out that it was related to my voltages.

When I did start priming with those voltages, my PC would just restart and I realized that it was related to voltages. So I steadily increased voltages one by one until, instead of restarting, one of the prime threads crashed. So I slowly started increasing from there. I'm gonna run Prime now to see how far I get. Usually I'm done after 20 minutes of prime testing because I'd never stress my CPU like that for sustained periods of time. Anyway, I was running the 64 bit version with AVX and I'm wondering if that's better or the older one since I heard AVX really pushes the temps much farther than the older prime.

Either way, I was hoping for some gyaan from banik since he should've done something with Haswell anyway.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy some screenies.


After running Prime for about 20 mins, I've found that the stock cooler can cool upto 1.164v efficiently. Once it hits 1.17v+ then temps hit 85-90C. That's not good at all. So I'm gonna have to tweak my LLC ( possibly to extreme this time ) to make sure that the voltage doesn't jump over 1.164v at all.
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