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Old 08-01-19   #1
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Need to Buy Micro Sd Duplicator Under 13K

Hello everyone,
I don't know have you guys heard about micro sd copy machine, but recently I need help to get one.

My budget and requirement as following,
Budgets: < 13K
Brand preferences: Systor, EZ Dupe or Startech
Number of targets: about 1 to 15~23
Required function: high copy speed, it would be better if it has erase mode.
Prefer size: I found lots of tower copy machine online, but I prefer a small and portable one. Basically, I want multi-targets but in small size.

I've searched a while, and there are so many kinds of copy machine on the market. They're all a bit pricey, so I need to be more cautious, and get more advice.

Thanks in advance.
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(Update January 22)
Hi there, it's me again.
Although I got no feedback here, but I did get some advice from my friend.
And I received my order last week, so I'm gonna share with you if anyone has the same problem.
I bought 3 micro SD duplicator on the Alibaba, the price is negotiable, depending on the number of order, and it takes 7 days to receive my order after I paid.

About brand/appearance choosing
There are actually lots of options online, luckily, one of my friend recommend one of them, it's a 1 to 23 targets duplicator, called Flex pro, and I thought this seems suitable to me, no matter the number of targets or it's appearance, and it's also cheaper than the traditional one. So, I decide to give it a try.
lightweight, small,
speed is not as fast as expected
A bit pricey
Testing result
I test for three times. However, it failed the first time, I guess it's because the low quality card. Cause the problem solve when I change the source card. And it performed almost the same in other two times.
Like some duplicator on the market it has asynchronous mode, and option of system and files copy or whole media copy.
It's did work! But not as fast as it claimed, I thing it's the only thing that I'm not satisfied with. It claims that it can reach up to 35mb/s, but it actually takes about 9 minutes to copy a 6GB micro SD.
I search for this problem, and it seems that every brand has this kind of speed error.
By the way, I found out that it can show the read write speed of every card, it kind of cool ><
As I know, this function is to confirm that the targets are exactly the same and successfully copied. It's like double check to the targets. It takes less than 5 minutes to compare 6GB microSD.
Erase mode:
Like I asked, it has a erase mode, but I haven't used it so far, so I don't know how it perform, but it seems quite useful if you are a second-hand store or for reusing the micro SD.
Eliminate Slow Read/Write Memory:
It said that it would automatically detect and terminate the task for the media with slow read/write speed, and avoid the process delay for the whole batch of media by certain memory cards, and maintain the best work efficiency.
It occurs me in the first time testing, it would terminate the task for the media, which means the card would stop coping, and be failed result at the end.
In general, this duplicator works fine so far, I'll tell you guys something else if there's something wrong.
Hope this is helpful to you.

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