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Conversation Between Pernicious and Sumonpathak
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  1. Sumonpathak
    might have one..will catch you on whatsapp
  2. Pernicious
    bro any thermal paste lying around? or any heatsink up for sale?
  3. Sumonpathak
    its closed
  4. Pernicious
    hey you, where's me invite that I asked ya for
  5. Sumonpathak
  6. Pernicious
    hey dude invite me on google plus re, you alreaddy have my email!
  7. Pernicious
    come on gtalk douchebag.
  8. Sumonpathak
  9. Pernicious
    ohhhhhhh.................scratch my head!!! I will not sell this stash of....My hair will get white before I am married if I think so much...

    And for christs sake change your profile .... this black bg sucks :/
  10. Sumonpathak
    check out the specs of the two more closely
    Blue Storm has a wider voltage input range
    also more safety approvals
    (dont know how the table tag work or else i wud have put them here)
    TheITWares - One Stop for all Gizmos!FSP Saga II 500W Power Supply - TheITWares
    TheITWares - One Stop for all Gizmos!FSP Blue Storm Pro 500W Power Supply - TheITWares
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