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Conversation Between mavihs and mav2000
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  1. mavihs
    i was asking the voltage for the CPU-NB!
    how come your putting 1.4 on the NB?(FSB be should go around 300MHz without any increase in volts)
    my proccy(550BE with C2 revision) & RAM have disappointed me this time, i couldn't get any lower time than 4m 36.102s!!!
  2. mav2000
    About 1.4 to the cpu and 1.4 to nb. Using team xtreem ram
  3. mavihs

    how much volts are you feeding to the "CPU/NB" ??? have you set it manually or left it on auto?
    also which RAM are you using?
  4. mavihs
    so whats the statues?
  5. mavihs
    hey, what hap to the call?
  6. mav2000
    hi,...please pm me.
  7. mavihs
    PM me your number, want to talk about the Arrow!
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