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Conversation Between ManISinJpr and PirtamPyaare
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  1. ManISinJpr
    I need to gather funds coz there is no way of paying oyu by a credit card. in this.
  2. PirtamPyaare
    So you're not interested ? Another guy backed out so 250GB is available.
  3. PirtamPyaare
    Manishda, are you still interested in the SSD 120GB ? If then can you give me your shipping address so I can have it shipped to your place.
  4. PirtamPyaare
    120GB will be great. Please give me your Shipping Address and I'll order the 120GB.
  5. ManISinJpr
    I would think of 120 Gb but if a credit card payment can be made then 250 also
  6. PirtamPyaare
    I'm not sure if warranty is valid in India. I'm not even sure if you'll need a warranty Anyways, which one do you want to buy ? The 120GB or the 250GB ?
  7. ManISinJpr
    Also I can pay by my Credit card or Paypal. !!
    So you won't feel the burden
  8. ManISinJpr
    I am definitely interested !!
    That price is too good, is Samsung offering warranty here in India?
  9. PirtamPyaare
    Are you interested in buying the EVO SSD ? I can help you with that. I just bought one for @Veera and it cost him like 7280/- (120GB) shipped to his place. I hope you've seen my thread in Bazaar section.
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