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Conversation Between ManISinJpr and Animator
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  1. Animator
    aah.. sorry bhai.. mobile net that too 2g is Un-reliable
  2. ManISinJpr
    So you are back I was waiting for you on FB !!!
  3. Animator
    Malviya nagar..
  4. ManISinJpr
    Where are you?
  5. Animator
    hey hey hey

    Bhai Jaipur mein koi theek thaak (affordable ) hotel ya pata hai ?
    I'll be coming there this week with my friend on bike. !
  6. Animator
    Yes. !
    Trying so.
    I don't want faltu ka tension.. apna mauj karo
  7. ManISinJpr
    See what I would like to tell you is that there is a very short distance between fights of an issue based and jealous kinds and landing up in police net type of thing, I know you are young and will be angry but imo ( from personal experience ) these things are better avoided.....
  8. Animator
    Later on my friends said clearly "Tere mu pe mulla bolega.. kar kya karega and all that" but I stopped all that because I don't want to be a Gunda.

    But all I can do is keep myself side but can't stop my friends to abuse and beat them.. which they will do for sure
  9. Animator
    Yes I know..
    And to be honest.
    Just to hide this matter from my parents. those 4 were punching me on back and head and I was just sitting on my bike.
    And after that I went my home and slept coz of headache.
    didn't even called any of my friend because I didn't wanted to give my parents any tension of it.

    But my friends said atleast to talk to them or threaten else they will surely do it again.
    And now matter solved [I hope].
    They had a support of a guy [neta ka beta] and that guy's lil bro is my friend.
    He said clearly to them "next time isko chua bhi to itna marunga ki bachane wala nahi milega"

    And you can't even imagine why they started fighting with me.
    The reason was They sit on a place from years and smoke from day to night and I [Don't smoke] use to pass that place each time with my new bike. They were complete jealous only.
    To which they said I said them MULLA [They are muslim] and abused them thats why they started beating me.. lol.. fck'n liars.
  10. ManISinJpr
    What do you think I am?? a chopoooo??
    I have been through many more such cases, to know that these will destroy your life and your career !!!
    stay away and behave normally, think of this as an elder brother advising you
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