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Conversation Between DarkAngel and tejas137
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  1. tejas137
    yeah. i chose those component from your posts in "pc for HD gaming" and also i want single 4gb stick .so i can add another in future.
    what about service of ITWARES . they provide good service???? im asking because i can't purcahse from SMC I don't have Online bank account . so i will purchase from local dealers.
    1. Itwares
    3. Prime abgb (i dont like this shop bcoz they ignore their customers)
    which would be better?? any other shop do you know in mumbai?
  2. DarkAngel
    The component selection is very good I would suggest a Samsung DVD writer. Have one and it has lasted a long time. But not too sure about the exact model no. thats available in the market and current best DVD R/W. Sorry!
  3. tejas137
    hey i m thinking following specs ,Intel i5 2500K 11,000 MSI P67-GD55 : 10,000 OR Asus P8P67-PRO : 11,000 Gskill 2GB X 2 - 2,600 Seasonic S12D 850W - 7,000 Cooler Master 690 II Advanced - 5,500 Msi R6950 - 15,500 (From SMC, Unlockable to 6970 with minimum hassle) OR MSI 6970 : 19,000 Seagate 1TB 7200.12 - 2600 Cooler Master Hyper 212+ - 1800 Samsung B2230 : 8,000 OR BenQ G2220 : 7,500 Total - 62,500 OR With MSI 6970 Total is 66,000 So, Maximum is up to 66,000 suggest good dvd writer that will last longer ! suggest any modification
  4. tejas137
    CM690 advanced or nzxt tempest evo ,which is better bcoz tempest evo come with 6 fans but not sure if it fits 6970 plz suggest there any cabby in 5k rrange
  5. tejas137
    r u on facebook??
  6. DarkAngel
  7. tejas137
    r u there?
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