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Conversation Between d6bmg and Sumonpathak
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  1. Sumonpathak
    yes i NEED one....
  2. d6bmg
    Aniket amay ekhon i fb te bollo, tor 1 ta 16GB kit lagbe, eta ki r8?
    if yes, amay bol, ami 1ta extra order diechhi. Na hole order ta cancel korbo.

    (provided that those kits actually get shipped to me, lol)
  3. d6bmg
    Would you like to suggest any specific shop in princep street?
    And what is the max I should pay for P4? (I have 500-1000/- in my mind)
  4. d6bmg
    oh ok..

    Actually when I calleed them someone told me its 14800/-. I was thinking about gifting one to my gf. Not buying for myself.
  5. Sumonpathak
    u got a 2700k :O
    they told me around 16k all...
  6. d6bmg
    i7-2600K is still 14.8K @vedant. Just now they told me this over the phone!!!
    Can u confirm that? please.
  7. d6bmg
  8. d6bmg
    oh.. sorry.
    Actually I saw your post somewhere in this forum when you have asked luciffer to send you his list of bengali movies he wanted to dl, I thought you have n account there.
  9. Sumonpathak
    Err...i dont have a id
  10. d6bmg
    what's ur nick @ banglatorrents??
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