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Conversation Between d6bmg and Regranter Maradis
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  1. d6bmg
  2. Regranter Maradis
    d00d I sent ya da fb request d000d
  3. d6bmg
  4. Regranter Maradis

    Hi, you got an fb profile? PM it to me puhleej
  5. Regranter Maradis
    Aiyo I'm serious d00d. It'll be great phun
  6. d6bmg

    Can't say anything more.
  7. Regranter Maradis
    I got an idea...I can arrange for a small boat, that can hold about 4 people. What say we dress up as military men, complete with colt commandos (replicas supplied by me!), get on that boat, row it to the shore and then run like hell, proper world war 2 d-day style It'd make for epic trolling. What say?
  8. d6bmg
    Actually I missed E for about 2 weeks. So, I guess all these happened inside that time period.
  9. Regranter Maradis
    Bhagwan jaane...apparently he had some issues with KTD. He started a thread and it got taken down. Then he ran about the place and posting stuff everywhere, sp1mming I think. He got permanently banned and after a week came back. Then he was banned AGAIN, in less than a few hours
  10. d6bmg
    Do you have any idea why popo got banned here?
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