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Conversation Between bharat14101991 and Dave
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  1. bharat14101991
    exact opposite with me, i requested something in the kanishk619's case to knd and he did as i asked... may be i'm not much active on other parts of forum plus i am a newbie here... generally i find each and every mod humble. though thats not the case with MANY preferred members... i have seen them talk and act rudely... alot of them
  2. Dave
    I believe so. But tbh not many ppl liked him. He even banned me once for "rude behavior". I have nothing personal against him though.
  3. bharat14101991
    off-course he must be... noone can leave internet once they are addicted to it... but i guess someone must have pissed him off here...
  4. Dave
    heh guess what KnB is pretty active in another forum.
  5. bharat14101991
    things are changing really fast around here
  6. Dave
    Not a clue.
  7. bharat14101991
    btw do you know what happened to knb?
  8. Dave
    Well the new mods want to keep FS section as clean as possible. OTs are immediately deleted. Serious OTs are deleted and posters warned. Also on the look-out for anything fishy in the bazaar section. All cool imo.
  9. bharat14101991
    but there was no problem with his post... well let it be.... thanx for info though
  10. Dave
    Originally Posted by bharat14101991 View Post

    EDIT: posts getting deleted? i remember a post of jaspreet was right here

    thread clean up. Thought i should do something about your curiosity.
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