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Icon7 Intel Core I7 "Haswell-E" Processor Lineup Detailed

Intel's next-generation Core i7 "Haswell-E" HEDT (high-end desktop) processor lineup, slated for later this year, accompanied by the company's X99 Express chipset, will launch at three price-points, predictably, succeeding the current Core i7-4820K, i7-4930K, and i7-4960X. The platform will herald a new LGA socket, which will have 2,011 pins, but will not be compatible with current LGA2011 platforms based on the X79 Express chipset. That's because "Haswell-E" will be among the first client platforms to support DDR4-SDRAM memory. All Haswell-E chips will support DDR4-2133 MHz out of the box.

Moving on to the actual lineup, and it begins with the Core i7-5820K. This is a six-core chip, and a welcome departure from Intel's sub-$400 HEDT chips being quad-core. Whether it supports HyperThreading, is not known. You still get 6 physical cores to plow through work. The chip also features a staggering 15 MB of L3 cache, clock speed of 3.30 GHz with a couple of notches of Turbo Boost, and a quad-channel DDR4 integrated memory controller. Oh, and there's the unlocked BClk multiplier. Sounds too good to be true for a sub-$400 chip? Here's the catch - its on-die PCI-Express Gen 3.0 root complex will have fewer lanes. It can spare just 16 + 8 lanes for discrete graphics cards. For boards with three long x16 slots, that would mean x16/NC/x8, or x8/x8/x8, with an additional x4 link.

Next up, is Intel's $600-ish Haswell-E HEDT chip, the Core i7-5930K. Like the i7-5820K, this is a six-core chip, but could feature HyperThreading. It has the same 15 MB L3 cache, and quad-channel DDR4 IMC. It offers higher clock speeds, of 3.50 GHz. Unlike the i7-5820K, it features a full-fledged PCIe root complex, giving out two x16 links, and one x8 link. This would be ideal for 4-GPU setups in which the two x16 links split up as x8/x8/x8/x8, with a fifth long slot still having an x8 link, to drive high-bandwidth SSDs.

Leading the pack, at a four-figure price, will be the Core i7-5960X. This is an eight-core chip with HyperThreading, enabling 16 logical CPUs. The eight cores are cushioned by a massive 20 MB L3 cache. The chip runs at lower clock speeds than its smaller siblings, at 3.00 GHz, and features the same 40-lane PCI-Express root complex as the i7-5930K.

All three chips feature TDP rated at 140W.

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Re: Intel Core I7 "Haswell-E" Processor Lineup Detailed

Finally we get to see DDR4 in action.
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