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krishnanayak 09-07-16 12:08 PM

How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
How to reduce heavy weight? I want to know... Is Fat cutter Supplements good for weight loss. actually i did regular diet as well as take this supplements so i want to know is it beneficial.

antonieo 13-07-16 02:19 PM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
Daily green tea is much good than anything else

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sebastianW 10-08-16 01:16 PM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
Do regular exercises.

Clynt 25-09-18 02:51 PM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?

Originally Posted by antonieo (Post 1005041)
Daily green tea is much good than anything else more.

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Great advice!

BluDev 26-09-18 03:06 AM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
simple maths
calorie in must be less than calorie out
avg man needs 2500 cals approx a day
with excercise ad about another 300 to 400 extra a day
if your intake is less than that you will loose weight
if more than that you wont loose weight

try a simple app like My Fitness pal to count calories for a month based on what you eat
once you learn to eat smart you wont gain weight again

sid21 26-09-18 10:29 AM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
I would suggest a few things that I have followed and have seen results.

Intial weight was 94kgs
Started keto diet and was into volleyball practice so heavy training and drill for 2hrs daily
After a month lost 6kgs.

This was done through self learning and preparing my own diet chart and counting calories as mentioned in the above comment.

If you are looking for facts behind weight loss and want to know how I came to know all about what's required you can join SQUATS group on fb.

They have all the materials for free if you want to do it on your own else they have certified professionals who will use the same resources and provide you diet as well as exercise and it's a 12 week program and trust me you can see how many and how people have transformed in that group.

It is not necessary to hire a mentor just read the docs and do it yourself.

Some apps that will help you are:-

Fittr by Squats(has everything needed)

30 days fitness challenge
Best app out there to exercise at home using your own body as weight which helps a lot.

If you are a vegetarian sadly only source for your protien requirements is supplements which to be honest is nothing wrong..paneer and soya are there but won't be able to complete daily protien intake with those.

If non veg then chicken breast and eggs are your less carbs because you already have them in your body stores as fat.

Lastly you have taken the first step just don't give up stay motivated.

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BluDev 26-09-18 11:27 AM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
Personally not a fad of any type of special diet, Atkinson, keto low carb etc etc
Every thing or food item in the end has a calorie value
If you fill 10 litres fuel in your car every day but only drive 5 litres worth of dist..........
I am 6 ft tall, used to weigh 73, just with calorie counting I dropped 4 kilos in a month, (was also experimenting to see how much body fat I could shred for a leaner muscular look without drugs)
Try to keep it simple is my belief
Human body has evolved to be extremely calorie efficient, and without any fancy diet
Unfortunately the urban life of easy access to surplus food has ruined us

But like the above post said good that you started thinking atleast about it
Don't need any chemicals or fat burners just a brain :)

rakeshkota 18-07-19 01:03 PM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
according to me supplements are not good to reduce weight..follow these if you believe
1.take glass of warm lemon water in early morning.
2. drink water before 30 mins of lunch and dinner
3. keep away from junk food workout regularly.

antonieo 18-07-19 02:37 PM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
thank you
almost now iam following the warm water with ginger and honey daily in the morning instead of tea
and eating chappati alone initially had bloating episodes now iam set with it
I lost around 6 kg with that
but the tendency to work out is very premature whenever I start it

sbhas2k 19-07-19 01:19 PM

Re: How to Reduce Heavy Weight?
My only simple request and based on observation for the past 5+ years including my wife

1) People who wants to loose weight will look out for apps/exercises/diet etc etc
2) However after a while, the enthusiasm vanishes and they will get back into the same routine. Starting to skip exercises a day or two, one cheat meal multiples and by the time you realise, you will end of giving up.
3) Our body is intelligent and if one reverts back to old diet, it will quickly put on weight at a faster rate than losing it

My advise, be consistent. Get a friend / partner or anyone who are in the same position as you and encourage/push each other. If you want to do it all alone, then will power is required and it is very difficult

All the best :)

I always recommend a regular exercise with a proper diet. Don't go only for diet option and don't fall for marketing sms about ayurvedic, some medical doc, dietician blah blah blah... Whatever diet, follow regulary and you will see results

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