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Old 06-07-17   #1
teh pretendeR!
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How to Buy a Redmi Phone at Amazon???

I've bought about 50 Xiaomi phones since 2014 for relatives and friends (at no profit for myself), so I'm no stranger to flash sales. I bought these from Flipkart, Amazon and the Xiaomi site. But the way Amazon has been conducting recent sales has me baffled. I hope someone here can provide some enlightenment. I'm asking here rather than to Amazon because it's been my experience that customer support people at shopping sites don't bother reading details like this. It seems that they just give a quick glance and send out some stock reply.

Previously, the buy button (Buy Now or Add to Cart) is shown long before the sale time, but becomes active only at the moment the sale starts. Then it's a matter of speed and skill. Xiaomi still does this at their site but Amazon no longer shows the buy button unless the page is refreshed after the sale starts. This makes it largely a matter of luck since the phones are usually sold out in a second.

To verify all this, I kept two pages of the Redmi 4A sale page open today. Only the one I refreshed after the sale time showed the Add to Cart button. It didn't show it even when I refreshed 3 seconds before the start. The other page never showed the button by itself. (I always keep my clock precisely synchronized to internet time shortly before the event).

Am I missing something? How do others manage to buy them from Amazon?
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Old 08-07-17   #2
teh pretendeR!
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Re: How to Buy a Redmi Phone at Amazon???

Having had 3-4 unsuccessful attempts before finally getting a black Redmi 4 2gb/16gb, I can tell you its a real b*tch. I've previously clicked the Add to Cart button at exactly 12 with no success. I've also tried buying/pre-ordering directly from Mi but same story. Think about it - the whole country's doing the same thing at that very second so a lot of it is down to luck and your internet connection being fast enough to get you in the door. When I finally managed to get one two weeks back, I still had to wait about half an hour in the waitlist even though I had clicked at exactly 12. Its only a problem with the black 2gb variant of the Redmi 4 (and I am assuming its probably a similar situation with the grey version of the 4A) cause throughout my attempts, I have had plenty of opportunities to buy every other Redmi 4 variant.

I think I got mine after clicking on the Add to Cart button on the page displaying all the variants and the countdown timer. As soon as the clock strikes 12, click the Add to Cart button and hope for the best. First time around, I tried opening the product page and adding it to my cart the but I was too late. And I am not sure the product page refreshes on it own if you open it before 12. I think you need to open it as soon as the sale begins for the button to show up. But once you're on the waitlist, it auto refreshes in both places and gives you the Add to Cart option if and when its available. Then you've got 3 mins (there's a countdown timer) to add the phone to your cart and another 15 mins to checkout and make payment.

Also, there seem to be hacks to automatically add phones to your cart during flash sales. I didn't bother looking into them further since I fortunately got mine the normal way but apparently they work. Just Google/YT How to buy Redmi 4a for more info. Here are a few links:

Trick to Buy Redmi 4A Flash Sale Script Auto-Buy on Amazon &
Tricks to Buy Xiaomi Redmi 4A from Amazon India - FlashSaleTricks

Btw I'd recommend the Redmi 4 over the 4A. The extra features are well worth the 1k price difference. There's a Prime exclusive sale for prime members only on 10th July 5PM. If you're one, you might want to look into it.

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Old 28-07-17   #3
teh nuB!
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Re: How to Buy a Redmi Phone at Amazon???

Simply by typing into the search bar of amazon, select the model, colour , etc and start shipping
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