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xtr.pwnzor 17-06-08 11:10 PM

GROUP ORDER from frozen cpu??
hey guys... i was reading through that thread which has "sites which ship products to India " and found this site | 1.877.243.8266 | World's Largest Selection of PC Modification Supplies

The Site has Hyperglides ..which is 1 of the best skates available these days... available for deathadder , mx518, ie 3.0, ie 1.1 etc

The Site also has the func mousepads and RATPADZ Gs mousepad for sale .. 1 of the best hard surface mouse pads... im kinda new to this , so i really dunno how payment is done to them , can u guys pls tell me , and i guess it would be good if we start a group order from there --> for GAMERS :)

Your opinions pls ~

Superfrag 18-06-08 12:51 AM

Re: GROUP ORDER from frozen cpu??
na i doubt it..
vstreet has some mousefeet.. and some of the mice like the deathadder have awesome teflon feet already..

xtr.pwnzor 18-06-08 02:49 AM

Re: GROUP ORDER from frozen cpu??
Well the hyperglide skates for DA are far better than the stock DA mouse feet( its still awesome tho ) , but a lot of people use hard surfaces like icemat, func archetype, exactmat, destructor, SNS and etc.... the mouse feet will wear out in no time... and afaik, vstreet provides the steelseries skates for 518, intelli serise and not deathadder, and also the hyperglide skates for even 518 n ie 3.0 are >>>> steelseries ones :)

Superfrag 18-06-08 04:18 AM

Re: GROUP ORDER from frozen cpu??
well.. its only useful for those using hard mousepads..
most ppl i think are using soft ones..
in any case.. the mantis speed or the qck is the most used and most balanced pads.. and both are soft.. so i see no reason to go for the mouseglides..
however .. if u really want to buy it.. go ahead.. and yea.. it should be better than the original..

Ad1tya 18-06-08 10:29 AM

Re: GROUP ORDER from frozen cpu??
Shipping from FrozenCPU is just a rip-off.

Theres no point in a GO from there.

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