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Free Radical 30-03-12 12:06 AM

Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
So I was thinking of going to Jhandewalan to purchase a compact single stack home gym for strength training and an exercise bike for cardio/warm up, abs crunch thingy, a couple of hex dumb bells, gloves etc. (already have weights and rods).

Have already changed my diet and started with some curls, brisk walking and push ups thrown in.

Anyone want to team up?

Tagging @JD666, @ManISinJpr, @thebanik, @harryneopotter


harryneopotter 30-03-12 12:22 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
sounds interesting ! any idea about how much lighter will this make my already thin wallet ?

Luciffer 30-03-12 12:25 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
+1 ^^ + How much space??
**even tho I am an unwanted UNTAGGED person.. may I join in this convo?**
what's Jhandewalan?

Free Radical 30-03-12 12:43 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
oops. Sorry Luciffer !
Jhandewalan is a great place in Delhi to buy cycles and sports equipment.
I have a budget of 15-20k

Luciffer 30-03-12 01:04 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
Any idea when you intend to buy?
I may be interested... but won't have the money till the end of next month (appox)
But would certainly be very interested in picking you and HNP up and driving down there.
What's the harm in going to go look :)
(My driver going on vacation from 10th-20 April.. so anytime before or after is great for me)

JD666 30-03-12 02:30 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
I could get you guys a good deal ( health clubs are a family business ).. Expect local weights to be around 28-35 rs a kg, imported ones slightly higher.

If you can invest in one, buy a cross trainer instead of a cycle, better workout, more interesting.

Free Radical 30-03-12 07:06 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
5th and 6th are holidays for me.
Sounds like a great day to have a meet.

Luciffer: That's great

JD. Yeeep. Already know it (you told me of course the last time we talked on the phone)
It would be nice if you could come along with us noobs.
Of course, this would be the first time I would be meeting you in person too ;)

Where is @Rockfella?
iirc, you both used to workout together

JD666 30-03-12 07:10 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
^^ nope.. he used to workout.. I would just listen to his updates.. Ill be back in the country on the 8th..

Luciffer 30-03-12 07:10 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
JD & FR: 2 of the oldest and most revered members here have never met? WoW

JD: Appox how much does an average Cross Trainer go for? Ballpark?

FR: JD is in the US.. and don't think he's gonna be back by then. :( But, unless you're in a hurry.. we should look into his offer. But there's no harm in going to go see what's available in that other place. At least we'll get an idea of what it is we may want :)

JD666 30-03-12 07:17 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
^^ a good home use one? anything between 30-75k. You have cheaper options, but they wont last. Commercial level ( lasting 10 years or more in home use ), would be around 1.25L onwards till about 3-4L

Free Radical 30-03-12 07:19 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
No hurry. Besides, I still have to convince my folks to make space in my tiny abode for these metal mammoths.

I am thinking on the lines of space for drying clothes on to baiting the sister to get in shape :P

The cross trainer looks like a great option but dunno if it will fit in my 20k max budget.
I am not averse to buying these second hand if they serve the purpose.

EDIt:eeek. looked at JD's post. Crosstrainer is definitely a no go then.
I only need something to stay fit and do a regular workout. Gyms here are quite expensive at 3.5kish per month.

Another concern is that these things should fit in the doorway! As it is I would have to throw some things out to make way for these :lol:

Luciffer 30-03-12 07:33 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
JD: :eek2: How much is a crosstrainer for Poor people?

FR: How big is your place? House? I live in a smallish APARTMENT.. thus my first question was about Space. :(

Free Radical 30-03-12 07:40 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
Mine would be even smaller than yours :(
I live in a modest 2 bed room flat.

Luciffer 30-03-12 07:50 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
FR: I assumed you had a house cuz you didn't seem worried about the space..
Since you live in an apartment too... forget the money for a sec.. but Where would you put all this stuff??

I don't have the space for this :( Even a all in one cross-trainer.. forget the plethora of stuff you had on your list.

ManISinJpr 30-03-12 08:15 AM

Re: Fitness Equipment Group Buy?
I want to jump in here too, ( as I always do :D )
Get a stepper with a rowing attachment which has a swivel base..
they are fantastic for th elevel of resistance they provide and will be a good start to your fitness regime..

With that your lower body till your waist is covered, as for the upper body !! get nothing as of now.
I could hook you on to resistance exercises, whch you can do in your home only..
thus money saved..
as you progress more equipment ( in my suggestions, an adjustable dumbell set and weights.. then a barbell and a bench........ and so on !! )
now look at it and read again, ain't it easy ;)

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