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Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu
Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu
Date: 20-11-12
Topic: Tutorials and Guides
Author: Xanan

What You'll Need 

Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

If you are a typical user whose main use of the computer is limited to browsing the internets, watching movies and listening to music, and occasionally working on documents, web authoring etc, Ubuntu is probably the best OS for you to use.

However, chances are that you, like me, use your PC for more than the above mentioned tasks: You probably game a bit, OC, run Photoshop/3ds Max etc time to time, and you've gotten used to these programs, so switching over to Ubuntu based alternatives might not be up your alley.
This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use Ubuntu. Ubuntu has its advantages over windows, and its own set of disadvantages. I'm not going to list out all of those here, since the purpose and intent of this tutorial is to give you a dual boot system so that you can compare both and figure out for yourself what you want.

Dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 7 can be a difficult task for some users- by default, Windows 7 takes over your boot-up process and will typically want to be the only OS installed. This doesn't mean that Ubuntu and Windows can't run well together on the same machine. It's quite the opposite.

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through making a dual boot system from scratch, or with Windows 7 already installed. As should be the standard practice with any OS install, you should back up all your data. In fact, if you like to play safe, you can disconnect all the other hard drives and keep only the one that is going to receive the OS. If this scares you, then don't be- I will be walking you through a step by step guide on dual booting in the safest possible way, and if you follow me to the letter, you'll have no issues at all, and no data loss.

What You'll Need 

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By Xanan 20-11-12
Re: Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

I guess this is ready now.
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By ManISinJpr 21-11-12
Re: Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

Very nicely written article, will be useful for all people who have this urge to try and experiment.
I myself use uBuntu but on a virtual machine to test many things and although I have to search for answers on search engines, I think it is a very nice version of Linux.
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By Dark Star 23-11-12
Re: Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

Nice guide for beginners .

However there are many quirks, and your guide fails to solve the purpose completely.

1. What if I have Ubuntu installed first ? What then ? In this case your guide doesn't work at all.

2. Your partition system part is seriously messed up. Instead of aiding it will end up confusing a person.

I'll suggest you to get worked up on the paritition part.

3. There is no need to use gParted for partitioning. You can either use the built in fdisk or use the very efficient and suave partition manager in the ubiquity.

4. There is a My Computer icon in linux. Its just not enabled by default. Use this command

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop computer-icon-visible 'true'
Or use the dconf editor

5. You can also change the orientation of the windows control. i.e. Maximize, Close and Minimize control.

Use this command

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ':minimize,maximize,close'
Additionally you can use gconf-editor if you want more Ui sort of configuration tool.

On the media player front nothing beats MPD. For newbies Rhythmbox ftw ! I'd advice not to over crowd you desktop with unwanted dependencies.

JM2C if you want a newbie distro look towards Mint and Mageia Linux. Ubuntu just doesn't cut it on stability and performance front. For anything else there is Arch / Gentoo.
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By jdn 19-10-13
Re: Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

In Windows 8, things are very easy.

Just Install EasyBCD and create a boot entry to linux partition, note that it can support linux file systems like ext4. Since next reboot, BCD will boot first and wait for OS selection. If Linux is selected, it will reboot to linux. Easy.
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By priyasoanam 25-03-14
Re: Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

Great Article
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By annebryant 02-11-18
Re: Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu

A very use ful guide. Thanks .
run 3
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