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Old 12-08-09   #1
I havent set my status yet.

Donation for Mom's treatment, Chemo & Radiation Therapy.

Hey Guys,

Here is my situation.

last time u heard abt my mother that the treatment money was arranged as i had taken loan from my work place and that is true.

The Doctor had asked my mother to take 6 Chemo Therapy injections and the cost of each injection was 8K. Mom was staying in Chennai along with my brother and he was taking her for the chemo therapy treatment. After the 3rd chemo

therapy injection on May 2nd, immediately the next day she developed respiratory problem and could not breathe. Mom was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was undergoing the chemo therapy in a very critical condition. Her

pulse had gone down to 35 in place of 70-80. They somehow managed to bring the pulse back to normal. The Doctor said that if we had delayed bringing her to the Hospital by 10 minutes she would not have survived.We shifted her to Chennai

Meenakshi hospital where proper treatment for the respiratory can be given and she was admitted there for abt 3 days in the ICU and 4th day was shifted to general ward after which she got discharged and i had to spend the remaining

money to clear the Hospital Bill that i had as a loan from my work place. The doctor there told that due to her inhaling some acid in the Lungs which was released due to the chemo therapy this complication had occurred and suggested

tht the dosage to be changed. so i decided to bring her to Bangalore with me so that some body at my house will always be there to take care of her.

We were referred to M S Ramaiah Hospital in Bangalore by that Doctor who was treating my mom in Chennai. Long Story short.

Now 3 injections are remaining and each has been split into 3 injections to reduce the side effects and complication(Each Dose 20MG) which comes to 9 Chemo therapy injections and each injection has to been given each week for 9 weeks. The cost of 1 chemo therapy session now is 10K including the Bed charges and blood Test which has to be done before every chemo therapy session. so far i managed to arrange money for 2 injections by pledging some Gold jewels of mine and am unable to arrange money(70K) for rest of the Treatment and after this my Mom has to undergo Radiation and which will cost 46K. Totally 1,16,000 is required.

I have all the records for the previous treatment taken in Chennai and the Present treatment that's continuing in Bangalore.

************************************************** ******************************
************************************************** *******************

Here's the reply i received from the CPAA org

fromShubha Maudgal <>
dateMon, Jun 29, 2009 at 12:30 PMsubjectRe: Contact
hide details 12:30 PM (11 hours ago) Reply
Unfortunately we are unable to provide financial help to out station patients. I would advise you to place appeals in local newspapers and to contact large corporates who have funds for such charitable work. We have raised funds for Mumbai patients in this way.


Shubha Maudgal,
Cancer Patients Aid Association,
Anand Niketan, King George V Memorial Infirmary,
Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi,
Mumbai-400011, INDIA
Phone: 0091-22-24924000, 0091-22-24928775
Fax: 0091-22-24973599

Now what am i supposed to do.

please guys anyone wanna help pm me



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Re: Donation for Mom's treatment, Chemo & Radiation Therapy.


I had warned you before for being a scammer but no action was taken against you.

Here is the original topic from which this m%therfu%ker copy/pasted the entire thing.

Help Required - GamingIndians

Donation for Mom's treatment - GamingIndians // The Original guy who has the problem
Receieved all the Help i requird from GI members - GamingIndians

Thread LOCKED!

Please do not DELETE. This thread will be used for FUTURE REFERENCE and will be reported on other forum as well.

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