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Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?
Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?
Date: 21-02-13
Topic: Tutorials and Guides
Author: ChironX

What is cyberwarfare? 

Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?
So Osama Bin Laden is dead and buried, the jihadis aren't that scary anymore, and we hardly have an international fodder to chew. Enter the newest kid on the turf - Cyberwarfare. While we movie buffs and book lovers have been greeted to many a cases before - Digital Fortress by Dan Brown is a great example of Government snooping, while latest and greatest from Hollywood have also heavily invested in this new idea, be it Die Hard 4 or SkyFall. To a commoner, the abundant information in the web about Cyberwarfare can be overwhelming.

Is this something we should be wary of? Or is this one of them big blooper reels, trying to control us in the name of fear (Remember 9-11 and the subsequent atrocities by NRA with 'people need to buy guns to protect themselves'? The whole idea was built on fear).
In this short article I try to look beyond the veil of myths and gibberish to find what exactly lies beneath.

What is cyberwarfare? 

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By herecomesmaggi 27-02-13
Re: Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?

There is a Saying, Eye for an eye will make whole world blind. But i guess those times are over now. We just can't hold on nuclear deterrent to claim peace, we need better Intel of enemies. But getting Intel is hard job, doesn't it ?. I have heard many security breaches and read about them, the breaches were claimed to be on best secure servers but still got breached by newbie hacker, cause his hacking techniques were abstract.
Every Nation wants Power and true power comes within itself not searching enemies. Already developed nations are now collecting Intel about others so they could prepare for future, the better way. But I strongly claim that Nations power truly depends upon its development. Be on guard always is best tactic against Cyberwar.
Lets face it, India Can't/Won't afford its white hats to be there own, not with these corrupted rulers. But as we could see India's development is much more superior then Nepal So we don't have to panic as they wont hack our servers.

Cyberwarfare is lethal and deadly. No one is getting that point now but everyone will when a keyboard stroke would cause Failure of whole nation's power supply or auto launch of deterrent over other country.

Nice Article though had fun Reading it !!!!
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By ChironX 27-02-13
Re: Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?

Thanks - hope it was informative enough

There is actually a lot of information and rumors and data to process through, and I tried to keep it as short as possible. Glad you liked it.
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By Asassin71 04-12-13
Re: Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?

Thankyou. That was infomative
for noobies like me
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By xman0752 22-10-16
Re: Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?

Thanks for the info bro

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By ariana001 03-10-19
Re: Cyberwarfare - Fear or Baloney?

informative information Thanks.
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