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idea Climate Change

"The main cause of climate change is the rising amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, and AI can contribute immensely to reduce greenhouse gases. Here is how exactly AI helping to tackle climate change?

Installation of IoT in the house makes the home to be smart. AI-equipped homes help the user to track energy
consumption and reduce the carbon footprint. Smart devices at home help to track electricity usage and send information to the user in real-time. The users can monitor the devices and when not in use can cut off the energy to
save electricity.

The other source of carbon footprint is motor vehicles. Self-driving and smart electric vehicles will help to tackle such
an issue. Smart electric vehicles use renewable energy and thus the risk of emission of carbon oxide can be mitigated.
Self-driving cars are proved to be energy efficient and environmental friendly since they emit a lesser amount of carbon.

Today weather experts rely on AI-powered applications to predict the anticipated extreme weather conditions.
Normally the prediction process is complex since the amount of data used is large. But the AI programs help to
decode the data easily make the tedious time-consuming process easier. The program relies on the pattern that can
be spotted in the previous data and predict future behavior.

AI can also be used in the environment and wild-life conservation. A recent twitter video feed shows that rangers
used AI devices to track down the poachers and find the ambush laid by them to capture the tigers. In tracking the wildfire, predicting its path of spread and to put out the fire AI would be helpful.
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