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The Changing Desktop Trends
The Changing Desktop Trends
A Linux Perspective
Date: 06-07-11
Topic: Reviews & Previews
Author: Dark Star

Gnome 3 : Reinventing the desktop 
KDE 4 : The Plasma Intervention

KDE 4 : The Plasma Intervention
KDE4 lit the fire, bursting out with enticing feature and created a new benchmark in the open source desktop innovation. Surprisingly even with laden features and a completely written desktop and plasma workspace KDE4 initial release went through massive reprobation by the end users. Touted as the most usable desktop until KDE 3.5.x release, developers failed to meet the expectation and deliver a solid desktop experience. Too perplexing for an end user on the other hand the lack of stability paved the way for user disagreement. As a result developers were forced to get their hands dirty while fixing the pits and holes of the new release.

With community support and ever lasting bug report along with third party developers churning out missing applications for QT4 desktop, KDE4 was finally becoming functional and till date KDE 4 provides the utmost user experience courtesy of the Plasma desktop.

The Default KDE Desktop

Plasma : - Plasma is a new desktop shell / widget interface the integrates kicker, super-karamba (widgets) and various other KDE sub projects into a single being. Plasma not only diversify the KDE approach towards radical computing but further aids to and fortify KDE desktop experience. Plasma is not limited to a particular device thanks to the upbringing and unblemished QT toolkit.

With plasma written in QT / C++, KDE has an ample sector to aim to, not only just providing support to various devices, with Plasma KDE developers has leveraged the eye candy in every spectrum of compute device be it the full blown desktop or the lowly smartphones. With KDE nipping on the heels of every compute device, its has escalated Linux infrastructure and the eye candy to the available platforms.

The Netbook Edition of KDE featuring Plasma Interface

The most beautiful aspect of Plasma is the kind of integration option and customization it provides. Unlike the newly release Ubuntu Unity and Gnome-Shell, KDE offers behemoth customization options coupled with fascinating widgets and different work-space behavior. In addition to general widget the plasma desktop can be folded into activities. For example. If you want an activity just to fetch news and other similar task you club an activities with the requisite widget and save it. Next time when you roll over to the activity you will be greeted with new laden in a proper manner.

With the recently released KDE 4.6 the KDE SC(Software Compilation) has up the ante by delivering a rock solid release not only boasting of superior bliss but providing a rock solid environment with plethora of native and 3rd party platform dependent application.

Gnome 3 : Reinventing the desktop 

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By MOZ 06-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

Linux FTW!
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By Dark Star 07-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

^^Yeah Linux stability and increasing accptence surely making it a ftw

And with giants like google, intel, ibm backing linux there's no telling how far it will grow. Android is just a mere example.
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By vijayninel 07-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

Great article there Dark Star. I am watching the evolution of both Windows 8 and Linux Desktops with much interest now. The performance of Ubuntu unity is very disappointing though.
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By dexbg 07-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

Oh sweetness..
Great article ..
I've been outta touch from Ubuntu for years now .. this is really tempting .. now with the better HW we have.
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By MOZ 07-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

^^^ Linus has never been limited by the HW. A Linux distro can be run on the most primitive machines used in households in India, an I mean those running 95.
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By Dark Star 08-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

^^*LInux* Linus is the person who created it.

But yes, Linux primarily a contender to Unix supports the most hardware along side Unix. Windows only have support for consumer level PC's i.e. X86 and now ARM. For everyother market Linux is the answer.
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By MOZ 08-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

Sorry, all hail Linus Torvalds, a true genius.
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By Dark Star 12-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

Those who are looking for a netbook remix of the linux OS plase give and Jolicloud a try.

Meego might not working in full swing in Fusion based netbooks now, but the development branch has support for it. So do check it out
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By MOZ 12-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

Puppy Linux is very small and boots very fast too also Arc for the netbook users.
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By Dark Star 14-07-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

^^Yes it can. But given the new UI aimed specially for netbook, it doesn't make sense to se a stripped down version like Puppy and others OS.
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By harijith321 03-12-11
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

I like the new look but old one was better ... when i updated my fedora 14 to fedora 16 .. i got gnome 3 ... At first i thought wow .. more user friendly .. but after working on it for a few hours ... I asked myself, where is the minimise bar ?? I usually work and open many windows simultaneously ... to switch between the open windows is mess in gnome3 .. either we have to use alt + tab or press windows key and find out ... but personally i would have opted for a minimise bar where i could see all windows which are opened ..
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By initpidzero 05-01-12
Re: The Changing Desktop Trends

I have switched to XFCE completely. GNOME 3 classic with compiz and GNOME 3 otherwise are totally useless. I have never been able to use KDE with any form of satisfaction, its either broken and/or slow, windows behave funny. Gnome 2 was a star for me, but with arrival of 3, I have to leave it. I have used unity on two occasions and its one of most brain damaged design ever created.
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