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teh nuB!
I havent set my status yet.

CFG - CSS 3vs3 Cluth Source Online Tourney

Rules :-

1) Each Team will have 4 player with one as a registered Substitute. No Extra/Last Moment substitute registration are gonna be allowed.
2) This tourney will be like a league of tourney which means every team will fight with all the other teams.
3) Every win will give you 4 points, Draw will give you 2 and looser gets 0 points.
4) In the end top 4 teams will qualify to play for semi finals followed by finals.

Purpose of this tourney :-

1) To bring awareness about css online tourneys.
2) Help begginers understand how to play tourneys.
3) To find better players and improve skills.

Who all can apply ?

1) If you have a team of 4 guys. Just apply.
There is no entre fee for this.

Registration closes on 28th Sep.
Tourney starts 1st Oct

How to apply ?
Visit www crazyfreakgamers com

Make sure while submitting the request following info should be there
1) Clan Name :-
2) PLayer Names :
3) Email Address :-
4) Phone Number & Name of the person :-
5) Steam ID :-
F.A.Q :-


If a server crashes before 4 complete rounds have been played, the game score will be reset to 00 and the affected leg of the match will be restarted once the server is available. If the server crashes from the 5th round onwards, the server will be restarted, and game play will resume with the max rounds of the affected leg set to the outstanding rounds to be played. Start money will be $5,000

Maps :-


When in the server prior to match start, all team players must be tagged up with the same clan tag that they signed up with. This is to help with disputes and tracking with the server logs.


The only acceptable excuses for missing the scheduled start of a match are:
Network failure
Server failure
Power failure
Previous match overrunning.

The allocation of teams to terrorist and counterterrorist will be decided via a knife round or by the mutual consent of the two teams.


All forms of cheating are strictly prohibited any player found to be cheating will forfeit the current match for their team and be removed from the all MPUK tournaments for the duration of the event, in accordance with the Cheating policy.

If a clan breaks a rule without the admin noticing, they are still liable for the consequences.

Any programs or files, be they changed CS files or new files, that change CS or add to its functionality, or that interact with CS in any way, are strictly forbidden. Modified versions of CS's .pak, .wad or .exe files are always forbidden, regardless of what they do. The use of any forbidden program or file by any clan member during a cup match will lead to the exclusion of the clan from the tournament. Disallowed practices include, but are not limited to, the following:
Exploitation of game/map bugs/exploits that give an unfair advantage such as setting your gamma too high.
Scripts and external programs that provide an unfair advantage, e.g. HL speed cheat.
Use of custom models and skins. This goes for the player models/skins as well as the weapon models/skins e.g. longer weapons to stick out from behind boxes, bright or oversized skins.
Use of custom map textures.
Use of aimbots, wallhacks and any exploitations of the engine.
Custom sprays that adversely affect game play, e.g. image of a Terrorist or CT, ladders, doors, guns and so on.
The tournament admins may inspect your machine for evidence of cheats/hacks these may be random checks or as a response to a complaint.
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