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viraj071 17-07-10 10:05 AM

CCTV Camera Suggestions
I need to install 5-6 CCTV cameras in my warehouse as well as office. There should be recording facility also.I consulted a few CCTV dealers here in Mumbai but i did not like the zoom as well as the display at night.The CCTV cameras should have at least the following-
1.Good zoom
3.Day and night cameras
4.Good reliable brand with warranty.

To access the CCTV in the warehouse from my residence will need internet connection at both places.
I already have 2mbps connection at my residence,but what is the minimum speed do i require at my office ??
any other suggestions regarding CCTVs are also welcome .
my budget for all things combined is Rs.40k.

viraj071 17-07-10 06:31 PM

Re: CCTV Camera Suggestions

sohail99 17-07-10 10:34 PM

Re: CCTV Camera Suggestions
I have a DVR system(4 channel) with 3day night cameras(with controlled rotation) and one dome camera.

the DVR is connected to a router configured as a repeater for the main modem router.

I tried streaming live video feed over my private WirelessG network(10mbps effective speed) and I could see a slight delay and occasional stops and hangs!

never tried to connect from over the internet!

though you have to configure it via dynDNS and give your DVR a dedicated address(instead of an ip) and a usrname and pass and you're ready to view the cameras! :D

viraj071 17-07-10 11:35 PM

Re: CCTV Camera Suggestions
^^thanks a lot ...but can you suggest some good CCTV cameras in my budget ??

sohail99 18-07-10 12:20 AM

Re: CCTV Camera Suggestions
My setup was done in like 25k

I actually needed wide FOV cameras! I didn't like their zoom cameras!( though zoom is awesome but FOV is compromised)

I'll check out the brand and let you know! but its better if you try and buy!

I checked out and changed through a lot of cameras before settling for the combination I liked!

Arun123 17-11-15 11:45 AM

Re: CCTV Camera Suggestions
Why don't you check Zicom good cameras & service check this link it tells you all about their product
Hope this helps

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