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Elyn 19-07-16 04:05 PM

Best Stabilizers for Gopro
I'm in a search for the best hand held stabilizers for Gopros. Any suggestions?

xman0752 21-10-16 10:02 AM

Re: Best Stabilizers for Gopro
1. Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing Handle
The Opteka X-GRIP is one of the most appreciated stabilizers for the GoPro Hero series of cameras. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is extremely affordable and does not need any kind of weight adjustment. The footage might not be as perfect as with models that have a 3-axis stabilizing system but it is more than good enough.
The stabilizer has a large arm covered in a soft foam material and a show mount that can be removed. It is mostly made out of ABS but it is quite sturdy and lightweight.

GoPro Hero camera stabilizers can be of many types. Some appreciate the ones that use multiple axis systems and joints that allow a more free movement. Good results can also be achieved with models such as the Opteka X-GRIP which has less moving parts.

falseflag 21-10-16 03:03 PM

Re: Best Stabilizers for Gopro
What are you going to film?

Elyn 29-10-16 12:33 PM

Re: Best Stabilizers for Gopro
How about Big Balance Stabilizers. I found their husky gimbals for gopro very interesting.

gamerboy2689 22-11-16 11:13 PM

Re: Best Stabilizers for Gopro
Opteka X-GRIP Professional or Steadicam CURVE

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