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Old 29-10-07   #1
teh priesT!
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Best Nigerian SCAM Mail

This is the best Nigerian SCAM/SPAM Mail I have got till date. It was a funny read.
One of our movie producers can make a movie out of it.

My name is Miss Mariam Gibson, I was a concubine
of the late president Of The Federal Republic of
Togo, President Gnassingbe Eyadema. Before his
death , he was planning on relocating me to
France at the end of the year 2005 because of
the pressure I had to face, dating him. His
children did not like the idea of my
relationship with their father, as he was
beginning to devote much more time and attention
to me than his domestic affairs and besides,
they advised him that this affair was not
healthy to his political life.
For the fact that the president was very fond
of and loved me so much, he did not want to
disappoint or leave me, this is the reason why
he planned to relocate me to France, to be far
away from the prying eyes of his immediate
family and political associates. Unfortunately,
this plan did not see the light of the day, as
he met his untimely death.
However in year 2003, he made a secret deposit
of the sum of USD8,000,000.00 United States
Dollars with a vault agent in a bonded warehouse
in one of the African countries .
This money was meant by the Late President to be
invested in stocks and bonds for me in Europe,
as soon as he is able to conclude plans on
relocating me abroad. The funds is presently in
one of the west Africa countries, since the
death of the President, I have been under close
surveillance by the family of the Late
President, probably to see if I had stolen any
valuable property that belong to their bread
winner. My personal savings account in one of
the banks here in Lome, Togo, was frozen by the
President's Son immediately he assumed power as
the President. As a result of this, I will need
your assistance to securing
the release and immediate evacuation of the box
containing this money abroad. The deposit was
made in my name and I have the Original of the
storage receipt .The Vault agent does not know
the true content of the box I am writing you
this message to solicit your assistance in the
immediate evacuation of this box out of Africa
to your country for safe keeping and possible
helping me in the investment of the money in the
nearest future. For this reason I am willing to
let you have 10% of the
entire sum. As soon as you indicate serious
interest, I will send to you the safe
keeping/warehousing receipt of the consignment,
and the contact details of the agent in charge
of the deposit so that you make the necessary
arrangement on my behalf for transfer of the
consignment abroad. I will want you know that I
need you to
maintain absolute confidentiality and secrecy.
If this deposit is exposed to the Son of the
President, who is also the President at the
moment, I will loose this money completely. I am
very sorry for invading your privacy, but I am
sure that you will understand my frustration and
desperation. I am looking forward to your urgent
response to this message.

Sincere Regards,
Mariam Gibson
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Re: Best Nigerian SCAM Mail

reply to her/he .. let the fun begun ,,, !
__________________ <-- Karan.. Chilling out!!
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Re: Best Nigerian SCAM Mail

^^Same thought here... BTW my brother received similar message 3yrs back and he asked me what to do. But how do these Nigerians scam people..
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