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teh nuB!
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Antec Eleven Hundred Review


Antec is a company that needs no introduction. The company's power supplies and cases are top notch and extremely popular with in the enthusiast community. Antecís gaming cases have been highly regarded as some of the best enclosures available and today we are reviewing one of that gaming case i.e Antec Eleven Hundred Chassis "Super Mid Tower".

If you are looking to fill the gap between a full tower and mid tower, the Eleven Hundred fits right between it. A mid-tower by design but a full-tower by nature, the Eleven Hundred is able to accommodate huge XL-ATX motherboards and quad-GPU graphics configurations. Heat extraction shouldnít be an issue with the Eleven Hundredís ability to house up to nine fans. Glamour comes in the form of a large side panel window and a 200mm blue LED exhaust fan.

  • Motherboard support:- XL-ATX, ATX, micro-ATX, mini-ITX
  • Expansion slots:- 9
  • Included fans:- 1x 120mm exhaust fan (rear), 1x 200mm blue LED exhaust fan (roof)
  • Fan mounts:- 8x 120mm and 1x 200mm
  • 5.25″ drive bays:- 3 (tool-less)
  • Internal drive bays:- 6x 3.5″ (tool-less) and 2x 2.5″
  • Max Graphics card:- 13-inches/330mm
  • Front Panel:- 2 x USB 3.0,2.0, Audio In/Out, Power/Reset button
  • Dimensions:- 527 mm (H) x 237 mm (W) x 546 mm (D)
  • Weight:- 6.9kg

Unboxing and Preview

A bold picture of the Eleven Hundred chassis occupies the box front.

Some of the key features such as the cable management configuration and cooling system are listed on the rear of the box.


Surrounded by an attractive black finish, the large acrylic side panel window is perfectly positioned to show off a systemís important component.

This mid-tower case features a steel construction with a plastic front panel and measures 21"H x 9.5"W x 22"L. The case is powder coated black both inside and out and weighs in around 7kg .

Note:- This side have some visible dents that occurred during Shipment.

Taking a look at the front, the interior of the case can be seen shimmering through the metal mesh parts.

In the rear, there is a bottom mounted PSU bay, 9 expansion slots, two water outlets and a 120mm exhaust fan.

Located towards the rear panelís summit is the chassisí fan controllor . The roof fanís blue LED can be switched on and off via this fan controllor.

4 rubber feet raise the case above the floor ensuring that the bottom-mounted power supply isnít starved of cool air. There is a dust filter protecting the power supply, which may simply be pulled out from the main side of the chassis.

Power and reset buttons are located on the caseís top panel along with a 200mm blue LED exhaust fan mounted beneath honeycomb mesh.


Internally, the Antec Eleven Hundred sports some impressive specs for being a mid-tower case, such as nine vented expansion slots, eleven drive bays and support for XL-ATX motherboards.

The interior of the case is also powder coated black to match the exterior of the case.

The CPU retention area built-in to the motherboard tray is one of the largest we have seen. This will ensure the opening will work with virtually any motherboard on the market.

The Eleven Hundred sports 9 vented expansion slots, and also has two water cooling tube pass though holes.

Down on the lower rear of the left side panel the Eleven Hundred has the new power supply vent filter that is removable from the side.

The Eleven Hundred has a single 120mm rear exhaust fan.

The 200 mm fan in the ceiling of the chassis pushes hot air out the top of the case and has semi transparent blades to maximize the LED effect when turned on.

Up to 4x 3-pin fans can be powered by the internal Fan controller.

4 rubber grommets and a further 2 cable-routing holes should make cable management a simple task. Plenty of cable tie-down points ensure that securing the routed cables isnít an issue.

Eleven Hundred has 3 X 5.25 inch, external drive bays each with a screw-less locking mechanism.

6x 3.5″ HDDs and only 2x 2.5″ SSDs can be installed in the Eleven Hundredís drive bay. A pair of 120mm fans can be mounted on both sides of the bay.

There is also a large vent that runs the entire height of the right side of the case behind the motherboard.

Removal of the front panel is required to install 5.25″ devices and 2x 120mm intake fans.

The Eleven Hundred's front I/O panel consists of HD Audio ports, two USB2.0, and two USB3.0 ports.

Accessories that Antec bundled with this case are 12 drive clips, mounting screws, zip-ties and the basic Ďproduct overviewí guide.

Installing Hardware

Building a system into the Eleven Hundred was a straightforward process once we had linked the screws to their associated hardware. As you can see, there is plenty of space around the CPU cooler, so even the really big units will fit. On top of that, the Eleven Hundred can hold GPUs with up to 33 cm(12 inches) in size.

Installing hard drives does not require any screws. Simply clip the rails on each side of the drive and slide it into the bay of your choice. You will not require anything for a 2.5 inch drive: just slide the drive into the bay.

Note: I use 3.5inches plate to mount the ssd but you can mount it directly on the two upper 2.5inch bays.

Once everything is placed in the appropriate location and all the cables are connected, the Antec Eleven Hundred still makes a very clean impression. Cables can be routed easily thanks to the 30mm of clearance behind the motherboard tray. 48mm of space behind the 3.5″ HDDs makes connecting their cables a simple task. A predominately effective spread of grommets around the motherboard area helps when routing power cables.


Antec's Eleven Hundred is an excellent addition to the Gamer Case line-up of the company, making a perfect fit between a mid-tower and full-tower chassis. If you arenít ready for that full chassis or just doesnít have the room for one or if you are looking for extra room to clean up your cable mess and ready to start showing off your goods, this is the chassis for you. With its rugged and timeless looks, the large window and blue LED fan on top, it manages to impress when viewed from the outside already. Luckily the interior is just as functional, with more than enough space and openings to hide and route cables through, allowing you to keep things nice and tidy - no matter how much hardware you stuff into the chassis.

The Good

Fan controller.
Large side panel window.
Excellent component clearance.
Good cable management.
XL-ATX motherboard support.
Nine expansion slots.

The bad

No 240mm fan support on top.
Front panel cable connectors and headers are short.
Only 2 fans and 2 dust filters.
Fan controller only works with TriCool models.

Specially Thanks for to Antec for providing the Review Sample.

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teh smartie pantS!
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Re: Antec Eleven Hundred Review

Great Review brother, although its totally opposite for me regarding the case personally, Its a great endeavor by you and I thoroughly enjoyed all your reviews till date and look up to for more, so Congrats again
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Jason Bourne
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Re: Antec Eleven Hundred Review

I see that Antec is coming out with full force now, there cases are very good so now lets see the market swing towards them.

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teh nuB!
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Re: Antec Eleven Hundred Review

The case looks excellent, but @Singh you are missing a few photos in the review. For a Case with a side panel-acrylic window and a LED fan, you should have a few pics with all components installed and running, with the side panels closed and LED On.

On a side note, Really! Who uses a 500GB Green drive?
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teh nuB!
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Re: Antec Eleven Hundred Review

Thanks a lot @saifbukhari...
@axis Will add that too ..
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teh priesT!
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Re: Antec Eleven Hundred Review

Nice Review Buddy !!
It indeed does look like Quality build from Antec.
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teh priesT!
GPU !!! Kaput ... :( :(
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Re: Antec Eleven Hundred Review

Possibly the best Camera Shots in a review Dude... Loved reading it.
I was offline from many days and this is first review i am going through, Nice job.

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teh nuB!
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Re: Antec Eleven Hundred Review

Thanks lot @herecomesmaggi
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