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Jason Bourne
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Mushtakhanda !!!
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Re: AI Around the Corner?

Yes its very exciting. its like seeing evolution happen..
the humanoids will not be possible for some time but the software for them is already being tested, in various devices ( at a small stage )
the physical strength needed is quite a lot and the articulation required is still non existent..
Originally Posted by Xanan View Post

Electricity can be transferred wirelessly- the technology exists, its implementation is what remains

But yes, all these robots are not even close to being intelligent. They are merely the first step to getting there. However, I do not think that their intelligence will be in any way similar to ours, and nor does it need to be.
Human intelligence is characterized by intuition, drive and emotions and how our brain processes them is still not known clearly.
A robot may be able to create something unique someday, as was demonstrated by the painting and the language creation, but I doubt if it will have any of the other characteristics that define human intelligence.

Nonetheless, it is the first time a machine has created something without a set of specific instructions, and that is creativity at its most basic level.

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I find these studies and expereients so fascinating is coz, I am in awe of Human brain !!
it is astounding what it is capable of and what its limits are !!
that is why I sometimes Meditate and go in..
it has reduced these years but previously, I was a self hypnotic junkie !!
the brain is AWESOME !!! and we just use 4 to 6% of it
I want to use the full 100% but that as written is not possible !

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teh geeK!
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Re: AI Around the Corner?

Hey guys watch this

Have you ever made a trip to the barber shop only to leave disappointed? If you thought the hair cut was bad, at least you were able to leave with your head still attached to your body, which is something we might expect from a world of robot barbers. Luckily for him, was lucky enough to survive his encounter with the robot barber, but we're hoping nobody decides to revisit the idea.

If you're wondering why anybody would be silly enough to trust a robot with a pair of clippers, Tim decided it would be a nice way to raise awareness for st.Baldrick's day, a day celebrated by shaving your head and collecting donations for childhood cancer research. Sure the hair cut turned out to be a disaster, but at least Tim left with a head on his shoulders.
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